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Announcing Second Life University

Linden Lab


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Would you like to learn more about creating and modifying your Second Life avatar? Explore more of the Destination Guide? Perhaps you’re looking to acquire advanced knowledge of scripting and building in Second Life, or learn all about amazing inworld photography.

Welcome to Second Life University, a new project that aims to teach people all about the vast virtual world of Second Life! 

There are many videos and tutorials out there for Second Life already, including Second Life Tutorials on our YouTube channel as well as those created by our Residents, — and we’d like to consolidate information in one place as well as ensure that all content is up-to-date. We will begin with topics that are particularly relevant for newer users. This is a huge project that will take time, and we’re excited to work on and collaborate with the community to make it easily understandable and fun.

Also, we are keeping in mind that everyone learns in different ways, whether that’s watching and listening to a video, reading a text tutorial, or participating in an interactive Q&A livestream — so what does that mean? 

Thursday, April 7th, at 2pm PT, we’ll be kicking off Second Life University by doing our very first interactive livestream all about Second Life Viewer Basics.

After the livestream, we’ll be posting general notes on topics covered in the video here in text format, too. You can also get written information and assistance from our Knowledge Base and the Community Forums

Stay tuned for future updates. Happy learning!

UPDATE: Look in the description of the video on YouTube for a list of all topics covered, along with a timestamp to the exact moment it was covered in the video. 

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