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Where is the Height Offset in the newest Firestorm v4.4.0.3270?

I just installed the newest Firestorm Viewer and my feet are in the ground, I can't seem to find the Height Offset anywhere.

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That hasn't changed.  It's still in your Quick Preferences (button on the lower task bar).

EDIT:  ACK!  Innula's right.  I was misreading the Tag Offset slider in Quick Preferences.

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I don't think it's there in 4.4.0 (the very latest, Server Side Appearance, version, released yesterday).  That would make sense because Server Side Appearance breaks the height offset method Firestorm and other TPVs use.

ETA:  there is a fix, though, explained here: -- it's not as convenient but here's what to do if your feet are in the floor.

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Yeah, and this really sucks if it's not your feet in the floor but your butt when your avi is smaller and does ground sits.

The hover makes you hover all of the time, but it's the ground sits that I need the old height adjustment for.

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New information for height offset: