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Help on reducing Scripts

Yesterday, September 24, I received a warning on my Screen while in Second Life that my Scripts are too high  - To reduce them from 7.00 to 5.00.  I am new.  Can someone please help me?  Thank you.

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That "warning" was from an individual landowner, not from Linden Lab.  I wish that people wouldn't do that.  Notices like that DO serve an educational purpose, but landowners who use the scanners to intimidate people (or eject them) are not doing anyone a service.  That said, it is wise to carry as light a scripted load around as you can.  The more you have on you in clothing, hair, HUDs, and other attachments, the harder the sim's servers have to work as you enter and leave.  It makes your own teleports more difficult and increases the probability that you will crash.  Excessive scripts also have a small effect on other people as well.

So....  wear as few scripted items as you can.  Scripts in hair and shoes, for example, are usually only for changing size and color.  Once you have done that little bit of work, remove the scripts.  Most good hair and shoes have a dialog option to do that.  I will not buy things unless they do.  Use very few HUDs, attaching them only when you need them.  Your viewer may have a built-in AO and flight assist, for example (Firestorm does).  If so, use them, and chuck your HUDs for those purposes.

Right click on yourself and select the "Script Info" option to see how many scripts you are carrying now.  Click on any attachment to do the same.  I normally carry 13 scripts myself, 4 of which are in HUDs that I use all the time, for a total of 330Kb of memory use.  You shouldn't ever need more than 20 or 30 scripts, and no more than 2Mb of memory use.

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Avatars wear a variety of scripts for anything from animation overriders (useful and even important) to scripts in shoes, hair and other wearables in order to allow them to be resized (usually not too important, especially once you get them fitting right.)

To see what sorts of scripts you have, go to the "World" menu and pull down "About Land." At the bottom of the "General" panel click on the big button that says "Script Info" and then go to the tab that says "My Avatar." It'll give you a list of all the scripted objects you're wearing and how big the scripts are in each one. See what the biggest numbers are.

Really nothing NEEDS to have a script size in the thousands for the average human avatar - AO's (animation overriders) are usually the biggest and they're not usually more than a few hundred kb's. The 5 and 7 numbers are probably megabytes and 7 is REALLY high. My AO is really oversized for what it needs to be and I still am only at about 3.5 megabytes as I speak. You might be wearing objects that have old resizing scripts that were  notorious for being wasteful.  If you see something like your shoes or hair having a number in the hundreds or (yikes) thousands, click on that object and see if there's an option to "remove scripts" anywhere. If there isn't that option, see if you have something different you can wear instead.

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