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why does my computer turn off when I log onto sl

this just started....logging on with firestorm, causes my computer to shut down?  sometimes I can get on and it shuts down as soon as I click on something and sometimes it shuts down as soon as sl begins to rezz, I've had crashes before but never where it shuts down my computer, can someone help me please   thank you

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That used to happen with a computer I used to play SL. It was my graphics card overheating.

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Is your CPU heat sink secure? Is the fan turning freely? Is it clean?
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Pay attention to Lucretia's warning.  Any computer will start to run hotter than normal when it has to deal with rendering the graphics that SL throw at it.  If you are using an underpowered, underventilated machine that was never designed for this sort of load, you can cause serious, expensive damage to its innards. The computer's natural defense is to shut down when it overheats.  Before you start it up again, be sure that you blow the dust bunnies and cat hair out of it with a can of air.  Do that once a month.  Be sure that fans are spinning freely.  Download and install a free temperature monitoring program from the Internet, if your computer doesn't already have one.  If you are using a laptop, be sure that it is lifted off of the surface under it  -- NOT your lap -- so that it has adequate ventilation.  For $30 or less, you can get a good cooling pad to put under it.  Mostly, though, if you are using a notebook that was designed largely for handling e-mail and web browsing, don't expect it to drive SL without screaming.  Check

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well i dont have an answer but this sound like a serious pb with your comp.. But you should ask in Firestorm support group, they should help you better. If you can t log enough time for asking the question in the group chat, try using a lighter viewer like Singularity and ask in the group from there... usually, around midnight SLT Miro Collas is here for helping and he s one of the best helper in firestorm group (not the only one indeed, but he s the one who has the best knowledge imho).

Give it a try and let us know Smiley Happy

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