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My CPU is 100% in usage when in Secondlife, Why?

Each time I fire up my viewer it takes my cpu to 100%. My last pc died recently, and I am wondering if sl had anything to do with it. My new pc's processor is running at 100%. Any suggestions?

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There are two possibilities, both fairly common.  The most likely is that your anti-virus routine is scanning every single texture that is downloaded from SL's servers to your computer.  Doing that can eat a huge amount of CPU time.  The way to beat it is to whitelist your viewer with your anti-virus program, so that it accepts the images without questioning each one.  See this wiki site for information about how do do that >>>

The other possibility is more complex, and appears to be mostly (but not exclusively) a problem for computers with NVidia graphics cards that are running Windows.  For a brief discussion and two methods for overcoming that issue, see >>>

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If your on a Windows OS, open "task manager" and see what's running during logon. Close down any programs you can that are running when you logon. When you logon a lot of things happen; the SIM rezzes and some inventory is updated, your account balance (L$s) is updated, etc... Logon is when the system is in most heavy usage and this is normal. Also if your graphic settings are set high this will compound the problem. Shutting down some of the features in preference might help as well, like voice, automatic media play that sort of thing that you may not need running all the time. All in all, the CPU operating percentage should drop after a few minutes (maybe 10 or so.).

You did not say which CPU you have, by the way.

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