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Linden Lab Phone Number

Hey everyone, I need to know the number for Linden Lab support. An Australian number though. So far none of the numbers I try work.


I really need to call LL as my normal account has been 'put on hold'. I created this account just to tell my friends in-world and to ask this question. I'm not sure why it is I've been put on hold but LL has been giving me exatreamy poor feed-back on the matter. For 2-3 weeks now I've been asking questions and trying to phone them but all I have gotten is default, helpless messages.

Being able to phone them would be great!


Kind regards


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Isn't there a skype contat to support?? I'm struggling with Marketplace migration...

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Hello DaisukeUchihia and welcome to SL Forums. You can use"

  • Phone:   +1 (415) 243-9000
  • +44 2033620268
  • mail: support@secondlife.com

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I didn't find an Australian number for LL.  It'll have to be an overseas call.

For Billing questions, you can call one of these numbers:

Support Phone Numbers

Toll-Free (US/Canada)


Long Distance


Local Toll-Free numbers
  • France: 0805.101.490
  • Germany: 0800.664.5510
  • Japan: 0066.33.132.830
  • Portugal: 800.814.450
  • Spain: 800.300.560
  • UK: 0800.048.4646

A hold on your account could be for several reasons:

  • you committed a serious Terms of Service violation and were reported
  • you DIDN'T commit a serious ToS violation, and were falsely reported
  • Someone ELSE committed the ToS violation, got banned, and your address got caught in the overkill
  • your payment information is inaccurate, or your credit card company refused payment to LL


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