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  1. Thanks, it was a big help Just 1 more question; I don't suppose there's any way to get the IM part of the Conversations menu into a different tab? Like it used to be. If not, I'll just learn to adapt
  2. So, I had been using the outdated version of V3 for a while (The one with the Old chat bar) until I heard about this whole 'Sunshine' thing and was forced to update. I'm just wondering if there's any way I can make my chat bar the same it used to be? Instead of hiving Local, IM's etc in that huge box on the side of my screen.
  3. Okay so, when I first bought my AO the sitting animations were fine, perfectly synced. I would sit perfectly scale with the ground. But eventurally I grew bored of the same standing anims I had so, I added a new one. That's all I changed, just adding in 1 new standing animation has somehow messed up all of my ground sit animations. As soon as I had finished adding in the new animation, whenever I try to sit down on the ground I float about half a meter off the ground and I have no idea why. Any advice? :L
  4. Thanks, that worked I feel really stupid now
  5. A couple days ago when I tried to log onto Second Life I had a message pop up telling me I had changed graphic cards, or along the lines of that (Though I didn't.) I thought it was nothing seeing as I knew I hadn't changed my card nor had I tampered with anything on my laptop. When I logged on, I found that my FPS (frames per second) had dropped dramatically. I couldn't stay logged on for more than 5 minutes before my eyes started to hurt. I also noticed that my avatar wasn't loading (The white cloud) and that everything lacked detail, as if the textures had been replaced with a low rez versio
  6. Any idea where I can install the previous version?
  7. This isn't really a huge problem or anything, just wondering if I can down-grade my SecondLife Viewer 3. I updated it this morning and saw the new chat box... I hate it. I'd really prefer to just go back to how it used to be; and not have a huge box taking up a portion of my screen. Any help is muchly appreciated.
  8. It does lead to V3 but I'm thanking you because that helped me get over my extream laziness and seach it myself lol. So over all I found it because of you.
  9. DaisukeUchihia

    Viewer 2.

    This is not a question that needs alot of attention, all I need is a link to download V2. If nyone could share it'd be muchly appriciated. I absolutly hate V3's layout, i's honestly annoying to me. Thanks for your time. - DaisukeUchihia.
  10. Hello, today I looked up at my L$ and noticed it was on only 34 so I thought "it's time to buy more L$." When I went to buy it with my MasterCard as usual it told me that the payment transation was canled Can anyone help?
  11. Hey everyone, I need to know the number for Linden Lab support. An Australian number though. So far none of the numbers I try work. I really need to call LL as my normal account has been 'put on hold'. I created this account just to tell my friends in-world and to ask this question. I'm not sure why it is I've been put on hold but LL has been giving me exatreamy poor feed-back on the matter. For 2-3 weeks now I've been asking questions and trying to phone them but all I have gotten is default, helpless messages. Being able to phone them would be great! Kind regards SasukeUchihia/DaisukeUch
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