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HUD in Linden Realms

In Linden Realms, after firing the 4th cannon, the status line and map button on my HUD dissappeared.  Is this a normal part of the game?  I have tried re-entering the various portals, detaching the HUD, clearing my catche, tried using both Viewer 2 and Firestorm.   Still only have the lower part of the HUD that shows the collected crystal quantites. Any suggestions?

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After firing the 4th cannon, there are no more quests, and no more need of that status line. Time to cash in any remaining crystals for L$, or hunt more crystals to cash in.

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Second Life is unique from other games as it is all created by other users like yourself and not part of the platform.  What I suggest is to right click the HUD, select Edit and from there, you can see who created it.  I would contact them for more information on what they have created or talk to the land owner