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SL and Mac OS X Mavericks


Mac OS X Mavericks is said has improved on OpenGL version. If you have tried it, does it makes a difference concerning Second Life compared to Mountain Lion ? 

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Re: SL and Mac OS X Mavericks

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Not at this time no because this is just the OpenGL implementation for the OS, whilst SL seems to be locked to 2.1 with no good reason. Even though as of 10.7 OS X has supported 3.2. Essentially no matter what Apple do to improve graphics on their end, we're stuck with a six year old (yes six years) implementation of OpenGL on SecondLife until LL decide to actually get off their backsides and do something about it. (I don't understand for the life of me how this is not a msssive glaring issue for the mac community). 

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Re: SL and Mac OS X Mavericks

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They're still compiling the SL viewer with the 10.6 SDK.  I'm assuming they're probably still using old carbon libs or they haven't updated thier code to compile with the newer SDK's.

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Re: SL and Mac OS X Mavericks

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I believe as of version 3.6.5 of the Official Viewer they have removed old carbon components. Details on one of the releases I'm talking about where they switched to all Cocoa can be found here:

That was a while back and we are now in 3.6.9 versions. Over the past few versions the stability of the all Cocoa based viewers have improved. Can't say anything regarding TPV's since I don't use them, but the official version are now 100% Cocoa with no Carbon remaining.


Over the long-run with this change to all Cocoa they may be able to add the capability to use higher versions of OpenGL down the road, and perhaps 64-bit versions of the SL Viewer but for now the viewers use OpenGL Version 2.1


If you open up the viewer and go to "Help" and then click "About Second Life" it will show the OpenGL version, and what is after it depends on your graphics card type. For example, if you are using an Nvidia card it will say "OpenGL Version: 2.1 NVIDIA-8.18.22 310.40.05f01"

One difference I do notice though is that in Mountain Lion if I enabled OpenGL Vertex Buffer Objects in the graphics options it actually caused lag, where in Mavericks it speeds it up for some reason. Not able to determine why since both are using the same graphics card and same OpenGL. It shall have to remain a mystery to me.