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  1. On Tuesday morning, around 8 or 9-something AM I was there in Frank's Jazz. While there I very briefly saw a Kokiri woman, dressed in a blue gown. As usual for her kind she had a fairy following her around. I was about to say something to her, because it's extremely rare to see fellow races from Hyrule around these parts, so I was going to discuss the land whence we came from with her... I very briefly got to view her profile. And then everyone fled and chaos ensued as the region restarted, and I didn't even get a chance to write her name down or anything. Just this big loud screenshake and so
  2. This is moreso likely to work. But yeah mostly had to point out the inacuracy there since Zelda does have nudity in it (and some sexual situations that are eluded to or hintend at, but never overtly displayed for the player).
  3. One little inacurracy about one of the statements. No, I am not asking for nudity or sex. Just correcting a bit of an inaccuracy. The rule is definitely welcome to stay, since I'm sure nobody plays the Zelda games for sexiness. "You do not see characters in the Zelda games that are stark-n-buff, the worse is possible a barrel for clothes." * The Twili commoners are typically nude (and Midna remains nude when she's in her Imp form). The game doesn't show any anatomical parts during this, but they are still nude. You only see Royalty (such as non-imp Midna and Zant) wearing clothes, and the
  4. A being with a field of pure twilight surrounding them walked in. The field seemed to stay on top of her, it's faint amber glow with black squares of shadow rising up. Covered by robes at first, she tossed her robes aside. Her features unmistakable. Dark skin, green glyphs along her limbs and various parts of her body, red and yellow eyes and orange hair. Although this person was NOT Midna, she clearly was the same race as her. A grin across her face before she spoke. "Greetings beings of the Light Realm. I am Xisu, and I am one who you could say disagreed with a royal decree. As you may h
  5. I believe as of version 3.6.5 of the Official Viewer they have removed old carbon components. Details on one of the releases I'm talking about where they switched to all Cocoa can be found here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_Release/ That was a while back and we are now in 3.6.9 versions. Over the past few versions the stability of the all Cocoa based viewers have improved. Can't say anything regarding TPV's since I don't use them, but the official version are now 100% Cocoa with no Carbon remaining. Over the long-run with this change to all Cocoa
  6. Second Life really is not meant to be run on a phone. Yes there are third party phone apps that will let you use it on a phone, but these are not created or supported by the makers of the product (Linden Lab). Second Life is best run on a desktop system that is directly connected to the internet with a wired connection, and has a descent graphics card. You will also notice in the system requirements neither Android or iOS operating systems are mentioned. https://secondlife.com/my/support/system-requirements/?lang=en-US Also the use of a cellphone or tablet is generally Wifi or 3G/4G. S
  7. Without a screenshot it is difficult for me to tell directly, however this sounds like one of a few things that could be causing this: 1). Your skin or tatoo layer might have black spots as one of its texture details. Change to a differnet skin and/or remove tatoo layer to test this. 2). Lighting. Go to a brighter area or change the lighting settings. 3). Viewer issue possibly. To test this try using a different viewer. For example, if you normally log in using Firestorm you may wish to log in with the Official Viewer to see if this resolves the problem. If it does then it is indee
  8. The product in question is not able to be found on the marketplace. It is sold in-world only as another poster mentioned. Some merchants intentionally avoid the marketplace for personal or business strategy reasons. In some cases it is simply because they want more visitors in their store, and in other cases a merchant may simply be against the marketplace for personal reasons. For Lola's in particular, I cannot say their reason so you will have to ask them yourself =) As another poster mentioned, do a search for "Lola's" in-world and you are sure to find the item in question for sale from
  9. Problems involving teleports, friends list not loading right and other unusual issues can sometimes be attributed a known issue where Second Life does not fully work properly with the default DNS settings in certain networking situations. A work around for this issue that will fix it if this is indeed what is causing the problem is to use Google's public DNS servers. To do this click on your Apple icon at the top left of your screen then go to system preferences in the menu that pops up. From system preferences it's as follows: "System preferences" -> "Network" -> "Advanced..." ->
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