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Blender / Avatar Models??

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Thanks everyone for the excellent program advice!  I downloaded Blender and watched the basic intros from,  and I was able to make the coffee mug, and then my own "cardboard box" (yeah!  flaps and everything!) and sucessfully upload these in world!  I have a friend coming over tomorrow to show me the basics for UV mapping too!  My next question is:


Is there a standard avatar model for making clothing that everyone is using?  I'd love to tinker with that too, and if so does anyone have a link where I can download them?  Thank you so much in advance!!!  I'm really excited to be able to learn a little bit of this!


<3  Kristen

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Re: Blender / Avatar Models??

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There is sort of a standard model. I suggest you read the rather long tutorial here: Second Life Mesh Clothes Blender 2.6 Setup 2012 Tutorial.

There are some things you need to know about the files and how to use them. That tutorial is the only one I know that explains the terms being used in SL and what the differences are between the various files with an SL avatar.

Also, if you used the 'install' program for Blender you are walking into a wall. The tutorial explains how to avoid problems with Blender installs and have multiple version installed. The longer you work Blender the more important this becomes.

I'm writing a tutorial on how to use the male shape hidden in the files. I am including information on how to export the male shape for use in SL. I will probably have it up in week 27.


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Re: Blender / Avatar Models??

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Congrats on getting started in the Blender world. Smiley Happy

So, there are three main places you can get the avatar for Blender.


Paid Plugin (Free if you just want the default SL female):

Paid Plugin:

SL Mesh Video Tutorials: All SL Mesh Videos | SL Rigged Clothing Series