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Can't sell my Lindens. How can I exchange it?
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Hello. I play Second Life since August 2011. I made my age verification. I added PayPal to my account. But I still can not sell my Lindens dolars. What should I do to exchange my Lindens into real currency?

My PayPal account is verified. The problem is that my Sell Lindens Limit is.0.00  

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1.  Your PayPal account must be "verified" by tying it to a Real Life bank account.  You have probably already done this, or LL would not have accepted it as a payment method.

2.  You have to exchange your $L for real dollars.  Go to the $L/manage section of your account toolbar on your dashboard page, and then click Sell $L.  You can sell at the current market price, or choose an exchange rate at which you are willing to sell (a "limit order").  When/if the Lindex reaches that value, your order will be filled.

3.  Sold $L are automatically added to the $USD balance of your account.  You can then use the Process Credit command to transfer part or all of your $USD balance to your PayPal account.  The transaction may take several business days; be patient.

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Have you ever purchased any L$? Or purchased a membership? LL requires that you actually use the payment info that you provided, at least once, before they start the clock on increasing your spending limit. That can be done as simply as purchasing $2.50 USD worth of L$, one time.

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