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my avatar is not rezzing anymore

after i log in my avatar won't rezz anymore? not even after hours

I tried rebake textures but nothing worked.

It started out like comming back as a newbee and after that it won't rezz anymore after reloging?

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Try clearing your cache manually,  logout and go to:

(XP) - C: - Documents and Settings - (USER NAME) - AppData - SecondLife
(Vista) - C: - Users - (USER NAME) - AppData - Local - SecondLife
(Win 7) - C: - Users - (USER NAME) - AppData - Roaming - SecondLife and Local - SecondLife

Rename the folder Secondlife2 and then restart your computer.

NOTE: You may need to go to Windows Tools > Folder Options > View & enable Show Hidden Files/Folders, in order to see AppData folder.

After your reboot, change your start location on login to Smith and when you get in just stay there under the water until your inventory has fully reloaded. You can open your inventory and type in the inventory search bar to prompt loading, but do not do anything else until it is done.

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Hello Monique. Some mins ago we answered for the same question. Have a look at the following link pls:


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log into SL viewer choose a new avatar, you should be ready to change skin, shape, and clothes. it worked for me when nothing else would.

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