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Friends Online

I am having trouble seeing a friend online even when he is and has me checked.  Have also had trouble selecting friends in the window. .. it just seems to lock up. .. Anyone else having this problem?

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Yes, it's a bug in the new V2 update. You might revert to the previous version in the meantime while it is fixed or use a TPV like Firestorm:

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There's a problem with the permissions system. See this post for a workaround.

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It is a server bug that was rolled out onto all sims with the deploys last week. It is not your account or your viewer.

It also affects all 3 of the friend permissions and if you click one to try and change it you will freeze up that person on your list because it gets stuck trying to do the first change. A relog will clear the change you tried to make & unfreeze it.

The 2 workarounds are to either login to the SL website and go to the friends web profile and make the change there, the friend will then need to relog in SL to see the change. Or, if you want the perms back to default setting, remove the friend from your list and add them again.

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Just a note that this seems to be an issue in FIRESTORM also.

I had "friends and groups see me" only checked for a few days and found out last night that friends couldn't see me either. So I set it back to "everyone" and still folks in FIRESTORM (and perhaps Viewer 2) can't see me.




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