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  1. I added some stairs to a build and i cant walk near the stairs so i'll follow your advice and hope it works, ty so much
  2. ty for your help, I've tried inserting prims inside of parts but i'm still having issues, i'll keep searching to find out what the problem can be.
  3. Hello I purchased a build and I want to make one part another floor. I was able to put steps leading to this third level and it seems great, however when i try to walk back down the steps it wont let me. I dont see a hidden prim or anything. Can someone tell me what can be causing this. Thanks
  4. Thank you so much, you've been a big help, I'll go the second route
  5. Hello I have a parcel that is an 8192 + the premium bonus 1024. I deeded the land to my group and they in turn purchased 624. Currently the tier is 35.00. I would now like to purchase a 912m for the group. The total contributions for the group is 10138. Does anyone know if my tier will increase if I purchase this land. I've gotten different answers from support so I don't know who's right or wrong..thanks
  6. beautiful 9568 parcel for sale only 15, 000 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Whitesun/206/100
  7. Currently paying 6400 a week for a homestead and would like to rent another at the same price.
  8. hello i am looking for a script which will allow me to make a texture dance inside a prim. thx
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