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  1. That image would be based on how I set the LODs...that won't do you any good. I have modelled 2 of the 4 LODs, high and medium (or 1 and 2), LOD1 having beams, plates and rivets, LOD2 having beams and plates (and a single triangle for the rivet texture ID). LOD 3 and LOD 4 I didn't model, but I limited their polygon count to the minimum. So at 100 meters they would go more or less invisible, that seemed reasonable to me for an indoor item. Hmm, The skipping LOD is my mistake, I only uploaded LOD1 and set the rest to minimum. This however doesn't erase my question about the LOD popping to
  2. Looks like LL has made some terrible changes this latest release and I'd like to hear from others before writing a JIRA Second Life 3.1.0 (243176) Oct 16 2011 12:16:07 (Second Life Release) A 24 meter long truss pops to the THIRD Level of Detail at 25-30 meters. It also seems to skip the second LOD for some reason. On an older viewer (Second Life 2.8.4 (0) Aug 6 2011 09:54:37 (RestrainedLove viewer v2.07.03.02 ( it also skips LOD2 now, but it pops to the third LOD at something like 100 meters, like it did before. I'm not sure if the LOD2 was skipped before, the difference bet
  3. @kalliopi Clothing layers are not affected in any way. your tattoos will be fine. Mesh is just an addition, not a replacement for anything. If someone uses an alternative avatar, your clothes will probably not fit, but none will, except the ones made specifically for that avatar. I'm pretty sure most people will keep their old avatar as their main shape for that reason, or their entire wardrobe will be useless. Viewer? Well I have to say I have used Viewer 1 until recently. I'm used to V2 now, it even performs better, IF it runs, that's true:). There's a viewer 1 alternative though, as fa
  4. @Broody Flow You might want to tell everyone what people using mesh should read about. I haven't experienced any more lag than usual myself since the mesh came available on the main grid (Ofcourse I can only speak for myself). What kind of lag are you talking about? There are so many kinds of it. In theory mesh objects should create less viewer side lag, since the LOD can be set by the creator. On top of that LL has made the prim equivalent rise with size, meaning the rendering cost and prim cost are linked, unlike normal prims or sculpted ones. On a mesh object every face is visible, again
  5. @icon allen I can only repeat myself here... I am working on some vehicles and without patting myself on the back I can say they look a hell of a lot better than all the sculpted cars out there. Just make sure your lower LODs aren't too heavy in prims and make a clever physical shape. Staying under 33 prims isn't all that hard plus you have the benefit of being able to finally texture the thing properly. There is no need to see mirrors and carseats and tire valves from 200 meter away. In fact I doubt a shape with as many faces/vertices in mesh or sculpt has a factor 5 difference if you count
  6. @MasterEdward You might want to play with the LOD settings and physical shape. I think you'll find out the mesh is not at all that prim hungry. When you say you're better off with sculpts, you can set the physical shape to near zero. LOD low and very low can be VERY simple aswell and still look a lot better than any sculpty ever did. ( I discarded LOD very low completely on a 6x2x1.5m mesh and it takes a very long draw distance to make the object go poof) I'm sure in some cases the sculpt will be better, but saying mesh is only good for clothing doesn't do the technology any justice. _ One
  7. @Icon The equivalent mesh model might be 5.6 times higher in prim use than the sculpt you mentioned, but most sculpts, at least the non blob shaped ones have a TON of unused, tucked away vertices... AND faces. So the equivalent shape (not model) will be better than 5.6 times higher. You might not get the same shape for 1 used prim, but then again it should be a lot easier to build and texture. Not to mention the fact you can apply the texture to it any way you like, or apply multiple textures (as a builder). On top of that the control over LOD and physical shape make the meshes much nicer to
  8. I have a different yet similair problem with an object so I thought I'd post it here instead of making a new thread... There's an object I can't delete. It belongs to my business partner (who also can't delete it). I have full permissions on her items. I have full estate rights. The scripts in the object don't seem to be running. I can't delete or return the object. Making the object temporary doesn't help. Wearing the object isn't possible. Simulator is an island so I can't push it onto a next sim. Any ideas? EDIT...turns out she can wear it like suggested before...sorry for t
  9. Yes and this last bit makes no sense at all if you ask me , I'll have a look at that physics type thing, didn't notice that. Also I found something new (at least to me) with the primcount and physics. I uploaded a simple upside down T for my car. SL only uses the middle part so you can walk through the front and back end. Also after shift dragging it is now 6.4 instead of 7.2 and the physics setting doesn't matter anymore. Weirdness. Still haven't found a solution to the UVW map getting lost in the upload... Grrr.
  10. Thanks for the reply, what settings should I use in the autodesk exporter? I crashed the betaviewer numerous times already trying to upload one of these exports and the model looks really distorted in the preview window. Also importing the file back into max gives a really distorted and rotated mesh.
  11. Overall this thing works really well for a beta. I have some issues though, some are due to SL, some I can only blame myself for I hope. It seems the primcount doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Upload a mesh and it's 9 prims for one object. Then drag a copy and all of a sudden it's over 30. Linking a standard box takes 0.1 or so prim. It just makes no sense. A bigger problem I have is this though: When I make a model in 3ds Max 8 and export it with the FreeCollada plugin, the shape translates remarkably well, but the textures are messed up to say the least. In Max I made a UVW map and the
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