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  1. I thought it was you! Had to do a double take.
  2. So which head is this? I am just beginning to seriously consider getting a mesh head but I am so attached to my current face, it’s hard to know where to even start.
  3. Omg I’m dying! When the bunny hopped back through your legs....too perfect!
  4. 😊 Thank you. Wanted to post a blushing emoji but couldn't see one.
  5. Me too! LOL I've been using this hair (most of the time anyway) since I got it in 2015. Woke up one day a couple of months ago and the pastel hud was suddenly missing from my inventory! The stores redelivery system couldn't find it either but I messaged the creator and had a new one in a day or two. Was so relieved, it had become such a part of me. Even the color is a bit tweeked. Thank you for your kind words. Means a lot to me as Depth of Field is still hit and miss with me. 🙄
  6. I love the expression you captured, makes me really wonder what you're looking at.
  7. Is that Audrey 2 I see?! The idea of cleaning out my inventory underwater seems like way more fun than my usual methods.
  8. Thank you, I always second guess myself, especially when shooting such a wide angle shot - but I like taking them for a reason I guess. I don't know, just always think I'll be the only one who likes 'em.
  9. One of these days I'll learn the post production stuff but I am enjoying posting my Raw images, you have all been so kind. This is another one on my property, I did reduce the image weight by optimizing the shot for the web, but that's the only button I pressed - didn't even crop it, and you know what? I'm not even sure I would, the more I look at it the more I'm happy with the composition. (*Edited to add the photo!)
  10. I believe that's the whole point of this thread! 😉 Nice shot btw.
  11. This is beautiful! I love the black & white - gives it a vintage look.
  12. Ooooh I love “through the window” shots.
  13. Yes it was! Thank you for noticing that I quoted the wrong post, still getting used to things.
  14. I just figured it was an action shot. Caught you as you were pushing off the deck to stand up.
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