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  1. Phoenix is far superior and better options in my oppinion, nevertherless SL viewer is nice and been improved alot but I think with time will be better.
  2. I have a Sony Vaio with an ATI - HD Mobility Radeon - 5650 and SL works perfectly at even high graphic settings, the Mobility Radeons work quite well with SL. Also if you do have the money just get the i7 for sure as will make it much better. If you can get a newer Sandy Bridge Processor even better then as they have better performance acording to many reviews.
  3. Com o cartão de crédito e mais rapido e eles vao debitar tudo em dollars e depois o seu banco automaticamente mostra tudo ja em reais na sua conta de credito.
  4. Definately clear your cache in your viewer: Preferences>>> Network>>>Clear cache and relog.
  5. I found this cool furry hat and the creator may have more stuff like hair: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Invisible-Designs-Sculpted-Furry-Hat-1/1919669
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    adult areas

    Are you a premium? Please update billing information or submit a ticket to verify your age. Usually if you are a premium member and have an updated card on file is enough.
  7. Please forget that old viewer 1.23 and use a new updated and good viewer like Phoenix here: http://downloads.phoenixviewer.com/windows/Phoenix_Viewer-
  8. Niav Ansome


    What are you asking?
  9. Here in this section: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Commerce/ct-p/forum_commerce
  10. Here: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Commerce/ct-p/forum_commerce
  11. This is not the right area to post this, use the forum as here is for questions and answers. Here: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Commerce/ct-p/forum_commerce
  12. Relog or do CTRL+ALT + R to force rezz. Reset your avtar to default like this: Advanced Menu >>Character>>Character Tests >> Test Male (or Female) That could well be SL issues and not your fault.
  13. I recommend not giving them rights at all...lololol
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