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  1. okay, i login to my account just fine, it starts to load and when it gets to "updating friendslist" it errors out with the message login failed despite our best efforts, something unexpected has gone wrong please check status.secondlifegrid.net to see if there is a known problem with the service. if you continue to experience problems, please check your network and firewall setup. this problem started up immidately after my windows 10 computer bluescreened while using sl in the yiffspot region. at first it responded with an dns issue which ive had a lot from time to time due to latency issues and bandwidth issue related to my isp. but they never lasted this long. i have re-installed the firestorm viewer and removed the roaming files of the viewer from my appdata in my c;//. i have attempted to use other viewers , all haveing the same issue, the login is good, it starts loading but fails at "updating friendslist" i am however able to get on sl just fine with my alt. (yes i have 1 alt...we all do) p.s the lindens need a way to respond to posts that allows for one than just one post. in order to respond to responses and posts i have to edit this post. so in response to below posts....no, lindens CAN'T mac ban poeple, the mac address is used to your inhome router, the lindens and their software doesn't use it and CAN'T see it. secondly, if you can access your account page and check your account status, my says "active" not suspended or banned or anything un-usual, therefore it is not a linden banning poeple for xmas. it seems like a system bug or software glitch that is limited to a few people. making me thing its a routing issue to certain area's or some other issue..thats juts an educated theory..after all this happened only after my computers functions were interrupted by a operating system critcial error that forced a bluescreen ... sorry darksomeguy, so far i am not aware of anyone getting any response from lindens concerning this issue. im hoping they see this post and respond ..would be nice to know that atleast know we can't sign in. okies, so i spoke with a support chat person , and they fixed it server side...so its most definiatly a server side issue. anyone having this issue please contact customer support chat at ...https://support.secondlife.com/start-chat/...to have them fix it , if your experiencing this issue
  2. dude you need more training, spies work by gaining your trust, and pretending to be your friend. but when your use for them is used up, they abandon you or defriend you, another sign of a spy is someone who friends you, and makes their friends hate you, so its easier to abandon you once they are done using you, it also works to enforce trust, as that person making everyone hate you , well pretend to be your only friend. the same is true for cheaters, and abusers in sl. keep your friends close, and your enemies..closer. if you arent like the other people in sl and can survive a little bit of drama, you can learn a thing or two from it, but if your like most of sl that mutes or bans at the first hint of problems, you don;t know **bleep**, cause you never look deeper then the cover story
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