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  1. I would like to say something I strongly believe is a huge key of importance in addition to the other issues that have been discussed already. If someone wants to search for highly sexual items I think most would agree they would probably check the 18+ button. What IS a concern is the people that WERE NOT looking for my items. A HUGE portion of my sales come from browsers. People wanting to just browse through say the "Home and Garden" Category and see all the cool furniture ( I do this all the time in many categories). Well they were not looking for a bedroom set but they come across my prod
  2. Just curious, if someone has age verified why wouldn't they also be able to see the adult stuff. Just because they see it doesn't mean they have to buy it. I see rare few ads on marketplace that have vulgar pictures of sorts, if any that is. How about making the adult content default for anyone that is age verified and offering a filter that can filter OUT the adult content should they wish to not view it. Brooke, my sales have dropped in half and all the other merchants I have talked to say same, some say worse than that, some say gone to nothing. Surely something can be done about this becau
  3. I have to say I agree. And besides discrimination who do you think has more money to spend? Teens...or Adults? So teens get the first more visible level of shopping on marketplace while the more hidden level belongs to the adults with the bigger pocketbooks. Can we says sales are going to suffer BIG TIME...um too late, my sales have taken a toilet flush, my once thriving business is sad, and I seriously want to cry. So my question is...why would LL want to do this? I mean, if people are spending less, they are buying less lindens, which means LL is making less money. Why would they want to do
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