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  1. Lukeh, it bothers me as much as it bothers you, Many consumers read the reviews and it could prevent them from buying our product if someone prior to them left an unfair review. What sadnens and upsets me are consumers that buy our products, don't read the instructions or are not very versed in SL at all, and assume the product does not work, then post this for all to see on our listing. Sure, we can post a comment but it's not very visible, this fact I have posted in form about previously. It's in small letters and you have to click on it to see what it says, really not visible at all. Well, ,there is not much we can do about this fact. LL called it freedom of speech that consumers should be able to post anything they want as long as it's not abusive. The fact that someone who didn't read the instuctions or didn't get their purchase, both of which are not our fault, can affect how much money we make in future is very upsetting.
  2. I actually spoke on the phone with LL and confirmed, about a year or so ago, that reviews do not get removed unless they are abusive. Unless they have changed their rules, i dunno. I had a similar unfair review tha had nothing to do with the quality of my product and they would not take it down, no way, no how.
  3. Hi there Marcus! Thanks for all your help, and everyone elses too. I logged in and out a few more times and then suddenly it worked. Everyone has been very helpful
  4. I converted to direct delivery a day after it was launched. Now, today, i need to update one of my products, something small inside the box i needed to update. I can't even drag anything to my merchant outbox. It seems to recognize I'm a merchant, it's not giving that weird message like it did a couple weeks ago that indicated the site was not synced with my in world avatar. Is anyone else experiencing this? I hope this is not going to become a problem when updating or adding new items. I have logged in and out of SL and MP several times in an attempt to make it work, no luck. Also, if iam ever able to drag the item to my outbox, it has the same name as the one that was already put there a couple weeks ago and appears listed on MP. Am I doing this right? What will happen when two items have the same name. I have been trying to find documentation to help me with this "updating a product" process, but cannot find it anywhere. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks so much!
  5. Is this why my MP sales have come to a total and complete halt as of this morning??
  6. I can totally relate. Some of the people are upset and think they have been ripped off by my store. It's really not a wonderful thing i agree...
  7. in addition, i have discovered it only happens to some of the people some of the time. The very same box someone can't open, someone else can with no problems. Could be related to regions? Just a guess....
  8. Hey Mickey, i have not discovered a solution however....i have spoken to other merchants who have been all of a sudden recently having this same problem. I never had this issue before either, nor have I changed anything about my boxes, it just suddenly started happening. So...it can only assume it is an SL glitch as we are not the only one and it all seems to be happening around this same time period. Hope this helps
  9. Thanks. All my items are copiable, and I am using an "unpack" script, same one for the last few years, it's only become a problem in the last week or two...
  10. Suddenly, for the last week or two (approx) I have been getting messages from my customers about my items disapearing in inventory after unpacking and only an empty folder with photo and landmark left. This has never been a problem before and I have not changed anything. It is the same unpack script and the same contents. If I resend the purchase, sometimes it does the same thing, most times it's ok the 2nd time around. Has any else experienced this? I am trying to identify what the problem is and anyone who has insight would help me a lot. Is this a problem due to script updates in SL, is it a current glitch....? Thanks !
  11. Am I doing something wrong? For months and months now this has been the painful process of adding any new items to my magic box/marketplace. -Put new boxed item(s) inside my magic box -Go to marketplace and click the "Sync Marketplace with Magic boxes" button -refresh (repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat,...you get the idea right) -wait for my new item(s) to appear in the "unavailable" list -wait -wait some more...20 minutes...sometimes more...one time I waited 1 hour! -during the time I'm waiting, 75% or so of my products go offline/unavailable -continue to refresh, wait, refresh wait... How come it's so painful now? It never used to be this way...I just dread adding new items now. Am I doing something wrong? Is there something I can do to speed this up? Thanks All !
  12. nods, having trouble with partner of owned objects accessing animation menus on those two viewers
  13. Some scripted items not working properly in Viewer 2.0 or firestorm´╗┐ just in last day or so... Anyone else experiencing this? Anyone have any information to shed on this for me? thanks so much...
  14. this has all been extremly helpful, thanks !
  15. leliel, thank you for that !! Very helpful.
  16. Zhoie Zimermann


    I'm looking to my fellow merchants to help me out so I can understand how Mesh is going to impact my business. (I make furniture). I can't find the answers I'm looking for on various sites or live support. All I hear is talk from residents and I don't want to just believe everything I hear from them. I'd much rather hear it from a merchant who has done their homework on the subject. Here is what I'm hearing and I'd love to know the validity of it:-Mesh sculpts/products are going to look 100x better than what we see now making older objects unsellable-Mesh objects are going to be next to no prims making older objects unsellable-If your business does not upgrade to mesh, you have no hope of surviving-Because Mesh objects are going to be so many less prims, LL will likely raise the cost somehow to compensate for thisCan't wait to hear responses (again, I know nothing on this topic) thanks :)
  17. I had 1 on Feb 11th, before that it was a couple in December. None for March at all. Yes I see a lot in partially failed, but as someone else mentioned, it was almost never my products, but someone else's instead.
  18. Nathan Hopkins wrote: If I do a search for "barn" under relevance, without looking in subcategories, the first page is nothing but AOs from Vista. I don't remember that sort of thing happening prior... but maybe I'm being affected by reading this thread. Nathan, this is exactly what happens in search, trust me you're right.
  19. Triple Peccable wrote: I agree with 2 things mentioned in this thread: (1) Sales were quite good until this last week, and now are worse than they have been in a long time. (2) When sorting by "Best Selling", my products are listed in reverse order. It is perfectly reversed: The item that has sold the least is first, and my best selling item is last. Well I can honestly say this is a fact because it HAS and DOES happen to me. It's something I mentioned to Brooke a week or two ago. I told her that when I did a search and saw my products, then sorted by best selling it showed my very least popular and least selling item first, literally one that rarely if ever sells. At one point it was even showing in search before I sorted by "best selling". It was showing on one of the top pages where as my very best selling product was showing 20 pages past it. Also, I've mentioned this before but I'll mention it again. Things that are non search related continue to show up in search. I check page sources to see if the merchant has those words in their key words or listing data and they do not, so it is not merchant's fault. Really, if I am search for a couch do i really want to see public hair for sale? I realize that sometimes mistakes happen and need to be fixed, that is reality. BUT when something affects people's rl income and pocketbooks you would think it would be fixed much faster than it is.
  20. i miss being able to see sales notifications for some products and not for others (smaller more frequent items that can get annoying) But it's either all or none now as I can see. I also terribly miss the customer review notification, is that gone for good as well? Some customers ask for help on the reviews or need to be contacted in some way. I can't weed through all my products daily looking for reviews in each. Oh while i'm being a negative complainer LOL I also miss the fact that we can no longer see how many views (per day) on each of our listings, but rather only as a whole. I always found this very helpful and now it's gone too.
  21. yes i do kinda feel like an adult version of a big baby some days, begging my mommy to do something. i think we all can easily get pegged as negative complainers, though I am certain if LL staff were in our shoes they would be just a vocal because they would then understand how this is affecting us.
  22. thanks Darrius, i remember it being on the old xstreet, oh well...
  23. It's the same wonder I have when my product falls from page 1 to page 18 within a few hours on MP. Seems in world is no different. The flucuations are incredible and I never ever saw these before all the changes occured.
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