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  1. Yes, I agree. Connection speed has a lot to do with why there is no lag prevalent on some computers, as well as kilobits per second. I can see why some people are still complaining about SSA to this day and referring to it as a total flop. Maybe those users will realize that having a better internet connection and a very powerful connection speed and an optimum graphics card is such a good idea. I can see why users have been drifting away from Second Life as of lately - they don't have a good graphics card, they lack a good connection speed and other factors. They probably don't read the fine print on what you need in order to use Second Life and they just register and download anyway. Traffic has been in decline, but I cannot see it declining to the extent of eventually having to declare Second Life defunct. The worst that may happen will be the number of users online during peak periods hitting 50,000 or more, maybe as little as 40,000. I am sure a lot of the dedicated users in SL have a really good connection and good graphics card. I may even have too many files (especially video files) on my hard drive, and I may have to uninstall programs that I don't use, and even transfer some of my files to an external hard drive. I recommend those users to do it too. It's worth a try. I can see why some of the newbies to SL end up going to clubs on their first days in SL and end up walking like they're lagging and ending up on the stage where the DJ and host/hostess stand and those newbies being told to get off the DJ stage. The factors I listed above explains why this issue happens to some users. Their time on SL ends up being short-lived and they just throw in the towel after one or two logins. Lag was always quite prevalent when I used it on a computer that I purchased in 2006. That computer was on the way out in June 2011 because of a rogue virus possibly due to going to a site that I suspect might be elyrics. I have since purchased a better computer with a better graphics card, and Second Life works better on my latest computer than my old computer. Lag does happen, but for a shorter period. Just goes to show. I may even consider updating to a required graphics card hopefully soon, plus get some extra RAM added. That may help with the loading problems in the long run.
  2. I haven't logged onto these forums for quite a long time (in fact, I rarely log in to SL much these days due to real life priorities), and I saw this thread and thought I'd contribute to the discussion. There are several things that I never will change with my avatar: My hair - Sandy blonde, Serenity Beach Beige from Damselfly. Not sure if they even carry that hair any longer. My bare feet - ever since I was a newbie to SL back in December 2007, I have been barefoot in SL almost all the time (rarely would I wear shoes in SL, and I do admit I never wore any shoes in SL at all in 2011). My dance animation - I find a certain dance animation very lively and wild. First disocovered such dance animation at the Chilli Pot Bar (now a defunct club) and decided to purchase that dance animation from Sine Wave. I dance it almost every time in SL.
  3. HI, I am wondering how to sculpt a skirt using an object? Or if there are any programs I could use to create a sculpt map for creating skirts in SL?
  4. So, are you telling me that it is wrong to create celebrity-style skins even though I don't intend to sell them? I can see why uploads cost 10L, and they probably get viewed by LL each time they are uploaded. If that's the case, I may as well save up my lindens, or buy lindens, to buy a similar skin from Redgrave or some other skin outlet. It would be well worth it in the long run. What are some other examples of outlets other than Redgrave that sell celebrity skins?
  5. Hi, I am considering giving my avatar a new look for the new year. I plan to make my avatar skin look like (hidden). Is there any way I could create the realistic skin by importing a picture of (hidden) to GIMP? What would I have to do if I were to import the image of (hidden) to the skin template using GIMP?
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