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  1. Would each player need to have their own place on the table to lay down cards? The hud, would it have the players highlight a card, then select "place cards on table" ? (Maximum of 5 cards) On a players turn is it garunteed that a player nedds to play cards, or could it pass? (IE On the player hud would the three options be Drawto 5 , Play Highlighted Cards, Pass)
  2. Is there still no easy way to project 2d to 3d?
  3. You missed Killing others in grotesque fashions, and being an online bully to increase your self esteem since you have non in real life. :smileyvery-happy:
  4. Dwell and Hubs. Feel ashamed for forgetting those things... How about the Viva Thing where they gave away a Charter account? Or those "exclusive" bracelets with the particle pet. Or the better particles in general! Visitting DaBoom today, for rememberence. The account I lost access to was made in '03. Heh. Is there a SL retirement home? Need to check in. P.S. Just found out there is a Viewer 3! Is it worth moving from viewer 1 to it?
  5. Remember the days of The Edge on its original Sim? Or the days of trading ratings and feeling bad when you can't find the person who just rated you in the throngs of people? (And WHY did that one person leave out a check mark?) Plus the death of this system.... How about being constantly annoyed with Havok 1. HUDs being launched... The Controversy of LindeX? Flexiprims? The Doom of Casinos? How about the days where SL was obscure? The days where 9 times out of 10 the fellow geek you are talking to has no clue what you mean... Now its the opposite! Or how about the time the accounts got hacked and everyones passwords were reset? (In this I lost my oldest account... :( ) Second Life sure has changed... Sort of feel like it needs to be changed to Third Life now. Here is to my 7th year aniversery on this account. Cheers!
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