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  1. Still having issues with items missing from the inventory as of 12:30 pm PST. Attached a screenshot.
  2. I really like the design of this skybox, however, I am very disappointed that it can not be modded. I had hopes of using this for one of my shops and having the crystals with a glow and/or full bright to give them a more fantasy feeling. The high LI is also a huge con for turning it into a shop; so many of us are mesh makers and it is not difficult to get a lower LI. For now I will just be using this a place to hang out.
  3. Not working for me, either. Unable to search past the main page.
  4. I just recently upgraded to PhotoShop CS6 and have been itching to try out the 3d painting tool. I imported my SL Sculpt tga into Hexagon 2.5 and exported it as a .obj. When I tried to import it into PS CS6 I get this error: "The PhotoShop 3D file formate could not parse this file" I have spent over an hour of searching trying to find a solution and have com up empty. I also tried exporting as a .3ds file as well, but still get the same error. Can anyone assist with this? Thank you!
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