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  1. Thanks to all for replying. Good suggestions and thoughtful comments too. 🙂
  2. I recently became aware while purchasing items from a gacha machine that one of the items in the set was not included in the machine and one item was duplicated. I contacted the creator as well as the store manager as shown in their profiles to do with a NC but have heard nothing back. I joined their group for L$50 and asked if anyone else had had a problem with the machine and was told by group members they haven't seen the creator around for a couple of years now. Another gacha collector told me they had written to them regarding this same issue about 3 years ago and never heard back. I feel frustrated and slightly deceived by the gacha machine experience as there is no chance of completing the set from the machine. But my real question is how can stores legitimately go on existing and taking money for in-world products, gacha items, group membership and MP sales for years on end with no apparent owner, no customer service and no recourse for customers? I am also aware of another store which this appears to have happened, having contacted them several times at the beginning of January and have never heard back regarding a product issue. Is there a way of knowing if a store is actively being managed before spending Lindens there?
  3. Just a reminder for anyone concerned or interested: Governance User Group The Governance User Group meeting is a public meeting intended for discussion & education of issues involving Governance such as in-world abuse, Abuse Reports, Forum Reports, Marketplace Reports, etc. Kristin Linden will be your moderator. Please bring your questions & requests. Meetings at 1:00pm SLT inworld at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Havenhurst/84/158/21 Next meeting: March 17, 2020
  4. Yes Connor, it is happening again. I expect we are not the only ones hit overnight as well. While I truly appreciate the return on lindens after they are removed from our account this is only papering over the problem. I work hard to collect a set. I don't have the money to just go and pull machines endlessly to obtain one so I am not only financially invested in my sets, I have an emotional attachment to them as well by the time I have collected them. Yes, I am willing to sell them but like any collector one hopes they are going to someone who appreciates them, not just stolen for sport, malice or illegally gotten personal financial gain. Again @Patch Linden and @Grumpity Linden when might we get a progress update regarding the issues raised at user and governance meetings, as well as here on the forum i.e. the option of non-gifting of transferable items, the return of inventory items stolen off of LL Marketplace, etc? We need to feel safe on MP. Please.
  5. Reminder: Web User Group The Web User Group meeting is a monthly, public meeting intended for discussion of issues around our Web properties such as Marketplace, Profiles, Place Pages, Search, etc. Grumpity & Reed Linden are the moderators. Please bring your questions & requests. Normal schedule is to meet the 1st Wednesday of the month at 14:00 SLT. Exceptions will be noted here. Meetings are held inworld at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Denby/73/78/25 Meeting Dates Wednesday, March 4th, 2020
  6. I also have had another Linden Dollar adjustment with no email alerting me to the lindens being reclaimed. I would encourage all MP merchants to check their transaction history for Destination: Recovery Linden Linden Adjustment Description: CSR Move Linden Dollars I filed a ticket yesterday regarding what I considered a suspicious purchase - Avatar A buying a RARE as a gift to one day old Avatar B who then disappeared from search. This is the item I subsequently got the assessment on. I have filed a follow-up ticket. @Patch Linden @Grumpity Linden Please can you update us on progress on this matter?
  7. @jds2 - hope this helps: Patch Linden Not a Newbie Administrators 3,850 267 posts Report post Posted February 4 Hi everyone! I wanted to give you an update on what we’re working on. The assessment process is not one that is typically handled by the Governance or Support teams for Second Life, however, we are here to help with it. As we continue to review the processes and policies that are currently in place with the team handling it, we have come up with an interim solution of putting a direct review process in place for anyone that has an assessment made to an account within our teams. If you’ve had an assessment levied against your account and would like to have our team further review it, please file a support ticket using Issue Type: Marketplace > General Marketplace Issues. Rest assured that we are working on a way to make this process as painless, efficient and non-penalizing as possible going forward. We appreciate your patience as we work towards that together with all of you.
  8. One idea, as tracking seems so difficult for SL itself, might be for creators to take the lead on this issue and start to number their gacha items, similar as artists do for limited edition prints? I am not entirely sure how it would work technically but in an artist's case a limited edition has a fixed number of items in a set. They are marked with 2 numbers, the unique number of the print and the size of the print run ( ie 1/1000 or 149/40,000). If someone needed to release more they could do a 1/1000B? A thought anyways.
  9. In theory that seems just and proper but unfortunately in practice for some circumstances it's just not that easy to file an abuse report. My story: I am in-world and receive a direct IM from someone I have never heard of, who was not in my area, with a link to join a group where I could buy and exchange gacha with giveaways thrown in. I have never before been cold-called to join a group. I am feeling especially cautious after just hearing several times in the user groups about the dangers of clicking phishing links. I don't click the link but I do look at the profile. The person sending the link is not the group owner. What do I do? Is this something I should report? I don't know. I go to the forums but searching there doesn't seem to find me an answer. I go to the SL support page which directs to: https://lindenlab.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new. I start the process but a hurdle at first step. No category to report my issue, a suspected phishing attempt or even a category which seems fit potential fraud. Am I just being paranoid now and is this even important? I carry on, at least then I will know if it happens again. I use the live chat option to ask if this is something I should report. I am told I can file abuse reports, under the category Fraud > $L or $USD. I can't find 'fraud' category on the support ticket but eventually work out that this is not part of that help process but one, I am told, I need to do logged in via the SL viewer. As I take the 'via SL viewer' comment literally seems this is another hurdle, and probably all for nothing, but I carry on as I want to know. I log out of Firestorm and in to SL viewer to access the report*. This is all new to me and there is no link to how to fill the report out given on the report page. I try to complete but this option seems to be set up for reporting abuse in-world in the area in which one is standing. The word count doesn't allow me to finish what I want to say, nor can I see how to report a person who is not in my direct vicinity and can't send it without this section completed. Also this was some time later now and was I even still in the same place it happened, I can't remember. This can't be worth all this but I carry on regardless: I still want to know. I return to the support ticket page and complete it, again with nothing to direct me to where I might report such an issue so I just take a shot on a category. The response, while retrospectively helpful outlining how to file a abuse report for future reference, was basically Governance handles these matters. Governance can't help if I haven't filed a abuse report. And because Support can't help, my ticket is marked resolved. At that point I give up: not because the people along the way weren't helpful individually but because after all that, I still just don't know if it is or isn't even worth doing. *This option is available via Firestorm, just didn't know it at the time.
  10. I too attended the Governance meeting and never having been to one before I would certainly recommend adding it to your list of things to do in SL if you have been affected by issues in SL or even to just get a fuller understanding of SL's inner workings. Topics are not confined just to merchant issues; all sorts of concerns were raised. The meetings are in voice and chat and while a bit chaotic with everyone talking at once I think you would find it eye-opening and hopefully worthwhile. There is a Web User Group meeting tomorrow (Wednesday, February 5th, 2020) if you still wish to raise issues around gacha safeguards, insurance, etc. I myself want to ask again about the gifting option as well as the tracing/journey of no copy items as I think it's morally important but also valuable sales and safety/security information for all creators, merchants and resellers. Whatever your own area of concern know that 'the Lindens' are following the forums. Please keep taking part in the discussions or join a meeting. We all need each others support. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Web_User_Group The Web User Group meeting is a monthly public meeting intended for discussion of issues around our Web properties such as Marketplace, Profiles, Place Pages, Search, etc. Please bring your questions & requests. 14:00 SLT. Meetings are held inworld at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Denby/73/78/25
  11. I too have now received an assessment reversal and am pleased for the others who have as well. I have mixed feelings about this. First and foremost my items were stolen and what I really want are safeguards introduced and a path established for their return. I now have this original frustration tinged with a feeling that I have been bought off - I imagine a group of Lindens sitting round a table saying how do we take the wind from the sails of those pesky gacha resellers and surely they will all just move on for another couple of years if we give throw them some lindens. I am not saying I don't appreciate the LL gesture, I do, it just sits uncomfortable with me. @Grumpity Linden and @Reed Linden Merchants still need your help. Please respond back with updates to the forum with measures that are introduced to safeguard the MP. I still feel that giving the gifting option, while it won't alleviate the problem, would help reduce it. Thank you all for taking the time to get involved. ⭐
  12. might have just seen the how.... I was mistaken, sorry I posted this.
  13. A reminder/awareness with regard to asking LL to do something: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Governance_User_Group "The Governance User Group meeting is a bi-weekly, public meeting intended for discussion & education of issues involving Governance such as in-world abuse, Abuse Reports, Forum Reports, Marketplace Reports, etc. Kristin Linden will be your moderator. Please bring your questions & requests. Meetings are every other Tuesday at 1:00pm SLT. Meetings are held inworld at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Havenhurst/84/158/2" Meeting Dates February 4, 2020
  14. I haven't been involved with gacha all that long and had no idea how many weary resellers have been fighting this same battle for years, suffering silently or, coming to the forums in hopes of help and guidance and getting no tangible resolutions. Reading these most recent posts I see MP gacha resellers truly are the low man on the merchant totem pole. Land sellers not only get to list on MP with no commission charges but also get to advertise for free in the forums? Where is the community equity in that? With regard to linden dollar assessments generally I am now also wondering what happens when in-world vendors, a tenants rent or a tip to a club or DJ are paid with fraudulent funds? Are these lindens also reclaimed and the resident penalized? A topic for another thread however. How about... if not already done, each gacha item created is given a unique ID number at creation/point of sale. Any items a resident feels valuable enough could register items to a searchable database? If my item gets stolen from MP, or I just want to know if I am buying a legitimate gacha item, I can search the journey of the item. The information is already there in the system, it just could be programmed to present itself differently? Then if my item is stolen, if I so choose, I could track it down myself and when I find its location report it to LL, with relevant details and proof of transaction, linden dollar assessment, etc. for retrieval? Would this be workable? No idea, just throwing out ideas and asking others to do the same in hope that something sticks. There must be more ideas out there and if you have them please join the discussion. I am just a small gacha reseller who wants a safe and fair system for all. And I want people's stolen items returned - it's irrelevant if it is $35L or $3500L - it's the principle.
  15. While the money lost is, of course, an issue my concern is that LL is allowing theft from Marketplace and actively showing no action in trying to resolve the problem. If I buy or receive an item on Marketplace, even if it has $0L value, it is recorded in my transaction history. If the item is gifted my marketplace shows who the item was gifted to. If fraud is experienced then LL's certainly could legitimately look within the account inventory to see if my lost no-copy item is still there and return it to me. If the item is not there then records would show who it was transferred to and so on and so forth. So despite customer support telling me there is nothing they can do this is not the case, they are choosing NOT to do anything. Again, I request @Grumpity Linden to respond with how this matter can be resolved. Imagine you had a set of something you sent time and money collecting and then decided to sell it. A person bought it through PayPal or with a credit card and then it was found the account was hacked and the purchase fraudulent. Your loss (as is the person who's account was in this instance) would be protected by PayPal or the credit card company and your stolen funds eventually returned as the seller is not the one at fault. So in these many and obviously increasing instances the only people losing out are the LL Marketplace sellers of no copy (and therefore irreplaceable without purchasing them again if you can find them) items. Linden Lab offers nothing to help us, recovers their money and to top it off they also still stick us with a 10% commission charge - all through no fault of our own. I was told by LL support "I understand the concern, and unfortunately any time something is set up to accept funds (regardless of if it is a marketplace store, in-world vendor, or in-world tip jar) there is always the risk funds coming in may be fraudulent in nature. There is no way to prevent such from your end so long as you run a business": LL is running the business: vendors are paying them to act as the middleman and they are failing to protect our items while in their care. In a follow up message I was told by customer support that there is nothing they can do, that basically there is no point in trying to contact Governance (despite the video with @Reed Linden and @Grumpity Linden stating that these matters need to go to Governance) as it is a fraud matter and even if I try to contact them they ( @Kristin Linden ) will just forward any message back to their department and they are washing their hands of the matter "we have already looked into this concern and done all we can". This issue runs across both. The video, and my own observation, supports that residents are buying items with fraudulent funds and gifting them to alt avi's. Something needs to be done. I am aware of at least 15 instances myself of this happening over the last couple of days. At the very least allow me as a vendor to choose if I want to take the risk of selling an item as a gift. @Inara Pey@Guendoline Linden@Shrike Linden Ticket - [#1474737]
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