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  1. I had heard about these copybot viewers that allow someone to rip off your entire avatar just by being in the same room as you. But I thought SL banned these years ago. Recently I had a friend say somebody she knew got copied. She said she was standing there in a busy sim, then suddenly several people looked identical to her. Same shape, clothing, skin, everything. Then another friend told me somebody was chatting with her and did it. He turned into her. And this is recent. I don't want to be copied. I know it's not a big deal but I've spent a lot of money on my av and I don't really think it's fair to steal my things or my shape. Is there maybe something I could buy? Like a hud that would stop this?
  2. Yeah, that is what I think too. Because it shows as nothing and that error keeps on showing. I've tried everything. Even starting in safe mode and signing in that way to try and open it. But unfortunately while in safe mode I didn't see any of my downloads. I had read that on Google to try and do this. Some reason everytime I download sl it shows this. Well, I can't actually open it of course. I do not get the icon or icon on my desktop like I used to when it worked. And yes I do download it right from the sl website. This happens with the 4-5 other viewers I've tried to download also.
  3. I know. This is what I do not get. I downloaded this here earlier. And just tried again from those links, I get the same error. Says it's not a valid win32 application. And it shows as 0 bytes. I cannot choose to unblock either. It just looks funny. Usually I get the viewer icon and this is a white box with blue ontop.
  4. Ok, I deleted all of them in the 1st folder. Because I can't access the second. However, I am still getting this error message. The invalid win32 application. Even after I have now deleted.
  5. Sorry, was responding to the other post. Yes, I did this just now ---- Open your hard disk (C:\) and find there the folder "Documents and Settings". Open it. Into there you find the folder (USER). We explained what is this folder. Into it find the folder Application Data --> SecondLife I am there. I see my alt name, logs, and user settings. But when I do ---- The other folder is: C: \ Documents and Settings \ (USER NAME)\ Local Settings \ Application Data \ Second Life. With my username in it, I get that error again. To make sure that path or internet address is correct. I wonder if I maybe delted the entire folder earlier. I deleted a lot of things if it said "secondlife" on it.
  6. I don't log into my computer. I've never had to have this usename before so I've not looked. I right click my computer and got open, explore, search, and so on. However, when in add/remove programs all my other viewers are gone. So I can't uninstall again. Yet I can't install them either.
  7. So much for that. It only worked with the one viewer I had left. The new ones I'm trying to reinstall, still do not work and I have no option to unblock. I'm completely lost. When I go to my computer to find this "username" I only see "my computer" and the only thing I see at the very top of my start menu is documents. I did see my full computer name, which is very long and full of numbers and such, maybe that is it. I'm probably typing the wrong name in and that's why I'm not getting anywhere. And I noticed, the downloads say they are 0 bytes, so I'm not sure if that means there is nothing in it to open in the first place. I did try this full computer name where it says "username" cut and pasted from above. But it says to make sure the path or internet address is correct.
  8. Oooh. Ok. Well, I think I just answered my own problem. I Googled and found this, Method 3 – Unblock the file If neither of those two methods worked, the file may be blocked by Windows. Note that this is only for Windows Server 2003 and higher. When you copy an EXE file from another computer to a Windows Server 2003 box, there is what is called a blocked property set on the file. This is due to the increased security on servers. Right-click on the file and choose Properties. You’ll see a button called Unblock at the bottom. Once I chose to unblock it it began to download for me. But, thanks so much for your help as I am unfamiliar with computer terms and very bad at finding file paths.
  9. Same here. It's partly why I chose to uninstall my viewers. This only happened when I got the update for viewer 2 and tried it out. Kept getting those crash logs and couldn't operate it.
  10. Hello. Yes, that's what I had troubles with in the first place. What is the (USER NAME)? My rl name or my sl name? And if sl name do I type it charityhollow or charity hollow? Also, I cannot delete and reinstall because they never did install. There isn't even an icon on my desktop. I only got a small white box with blue across the top in my download files for each viewer. All of which will not open. I have about 3 or 4 there. Btw, I'm using 32 bit for display settings. It's either that or 17 bit. And as of up till only a few hours ago sl worked like usual (besides me being a cloud) untill I tried to do this clean uninstall with cache and all. I went in and did them all by hand because I couldn't get those paths to open. So I typed in sl or Phoenix myself and delted it all. OH! And just noticed. The one viewer I did leave untouched in my downloads was the original 1-23-5 sl viewer. When I tried to open and install it I got this, Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.
  11. Because I made a kid av. And I liked what my name Charity means --- consideration, humanity, benignity, sympathy. Benevolence or generosity toward others or toward humanity. Kindness or leniency in judging others. I wanted a kid av to just be cute and simple. Not be hit on or so serious all the time. Not have great expectations of me, sort of just chase butterflies and make mud pies. I don't use this av much because there isn't much to do or places to go. But it's interesting to recreate yourself as a you were back when you were a kid.
  12. I had several viewers already when sl started acting up so I wanted to do a clean uninstall. Did my best and removed all my programs and files, think I did caches too. (I've already read them on Google how to do a clean uninstall.) Seems to be all removed too. But when I tried to reinstall SL I got this, C:Documents and Settings\my name\My Documents\Downloads\Second_Life_3-0-3-240895_Setup.exe is not a valid Win32 application. (My name being my own.) This was when I tried to reinstall sl viewer 2. Same with many others including Firestorm. Usually I just open the download and it starts. This time I'm continuously getting this message and it will not work for me. I maybe deleted too much when trying to do a clean uninstall, but I don't think I did. Can anyone here help me out?
  13. If you are using Phoenix this happens a lot. Try going into preferences, Phoenix, page two, advanced graphics and choose under textures ---- http get textures. Hit apply then ok.
  14. Get used to it. It's their land so they can do it. Don't get so bend out of shape over it or take it so personally. I suggest you move on.
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