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  1. A "little" late to this but I would love for Premium Plus to have a discount on the current fees for buying lindens 😇
  2. https://www.flickr.com/photos/xmara_lundquist/
  3. I am totally for this; however, not if the list of group members will be show. If it lists group members, I can only imagine the spam it would generate on top of the in-world normal notices. Also, the ability to see/read texture and notecard attchments would be an added plus. This is a great idea. Who knows... maybe its what's needed to jump start the underutilized my.secondlife pages.
  4. I finally figured how to use shadows and depth of field. While the depth of field is easy to manipulate, i see that with Viewer 3 that LL decided to change the features in that there is no easy way to change the sun position in the sky with a slider as before. Now there is a huge window where one has to SAVE the windlight settings. First, the window for saving these settings is so big that you can't see the entire screen. It used to be a small slider available to change the sun's position. Second, to make incremental changes, one has to name and save the settings. This no longer allows for on the fly windlight settings. Please bring back that small environmental slider or at least make it an option that one can choose to use rather than the current Environmental Settings window. Please consider this. Thanks! Xmara
  5. I'm happy to see that my earlier concern about rollback was answered. I was worried from LL's initial posting a while back that if the increase in groups caused problems, they would rollback to lesser groups - but never stated until now that groups won't be indiscriminately deleted. What I would love sometime in the future is the ability to have more picks. Currently only 10 picks can be created but there's definitely room for 20 in our profiles. Any chances of that happening?
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