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  1. To those who don't want to look like a triange to people without a mesh viewer, I want you to consider something: It's their choice. Don't let a minority of extremists, slow adopters and stubborn residents downgrade your Second Life experience. I want to emphasize that it's not that these users can't see meshes and mesh avatars, it's that they choose not to.
  2. But there are plans to allow animating of mesh objects that are not attached, at least at some point in the future, right?
  3. Just have to use most of the same tricks people have used for prim clothing. Maybe in the future they'll let us rig for morphs, but I guess until then, no frilly bikinis.
  4. So, I've been looking around, experimenting, testing, and what I've gathered so far is that, with mesh avatars, they will deform with the body based on only some of the settings (Leg length, shoulder width, height) but not with all of the sliders. (Bow legg, breast adjustments and butt size.) I know in the avatar.blend file that's around that the morphs are in vertex keys, but I've yet to figure out how to get the mesh to actually deform once it's in world. Is this really the case, is it not implemented? Is there a way and I'm just not doing it right? If it's not implemented, is it planned?
  5. That does appear to be the problem. Thank you! It was driving me nuts. Although selecting didn't return them to their proper position before I lost patience and exited. Hopefully they have this fixed before launch.
  6. I am in fact using the latest mesh viewer as linked to from the wiki. I do see some meshes. For some reason, I'm just flat out not downloading some meshes at all. I do get some, but not all, or even most of them. Sorry if I wasn't clear on that.
  7. Wandering around the mesh sandboxes and city, and most of what I see is nothing, or bits and pieces. Parts of roads, half buildings. I know something is there, as I collide with it, and it's not just transprent. Something wrong with my set up maybe?
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