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  1. Talented Scripter needed for an RPG system. If interested please send me an IM in world for details and payment
  2. Chatgpt is an AI. Frankly it doesn't really work unless you know how to script... You could ask it questions and make it code for you but its ability to do LSL is limited. Now if you want it to do Java, Python, C it can easily do.
  3. I was using the workbench file then I deleted the mesh but kept the bones
  4. I got it partially work... But when I tried to upload it, it doesn't allow me to check the include skin weights box
  5. I am using blender 2.8 and Zbrush for my sculpting. I was trying to make a mesh head from scratch. I attempted to weight paint by using automatic weights and for some reason refuses to attach itself to the Armature and I am aware that I must be skipping a step. I am using the Armature that's provided on the Avastar site
  6. I have been trying my hand in rigging and haven't gotten far. I've been hearing about Avastar is needed but I do not want to spend the money for something that may or may not use. Is there a way to rig without it?
  7. I would suggest blender, ever since the current version (2.8) came out it became more user friendly, now I am 3ds max user and I am having difficulty unlearning my workflow to transition to blender. But like what was said above pick a program and stick with it eventually it will make sense. Each 3d software has their advantages as disadvantages maya does things better than blender and vice versa. I do hope that this help.
  8. From my experience with "cube" physics is that yes it's more expensive and a little more clunky but I seem to have more success in creating successful uploads, I have yet had a successful upload with the more efficient plane physics ( not sure what the exact term is) A couple days ago I was doing planes. The outside walls were fine but when I tried to go inside I noticed that the Inner walls the physics was turned facing the wrong direction. Is it because there were two separate physics objects?
  9. i know and it also depends on what im making if i can get away with cube physics
  10. I'm actually finally starting to understand how this works. Thank you so much for your help I am no longer going insane and finally I can move on with making my creations!
  11. I saw that video a while back but I will try and see if I upload separately if that will solve my problems, I have a funny feeling that sl Doesn't like 3ds max lol
  12. So from what I understand I would have to upload my build in 2 pieces? The roof one and the walls second?
  13. So what is the right way to create walls. I had a busy couple of days and I finally am able to continue my work, I ran into another problem, I created two separate shapes for the interior and exterior but the interior seems to be rotated 90 degrees So there is something obvious that I am not understanding
  14. I managed to figure it out it was the mesh program I was using, I am using 3ds max it doesn't sort objects by name it sorts it order of creation so what I had to do was rearrange the order to order my name and it solved all my issues
  15. That was the first thing I tried, I am not using blender but I am doing the equivalent of rotation and scale.
  16. Where do I begin. I am creating a house and I cannot seem to understand what I am doing wrong with physics, I looked up many videos and countless forum posts, I tried various methods and still end up with the physics either rotated on its side or just scaled wrong. This is the house This is the physics I started to do This is the result I get with just trying to do the front and the roof I can continue creating the shape because I wanted to see if I can get that part correct but I seem to never get the result I need I am about to lose my mind if anybody knows anything please help!!!
  17. hello i am looking to buy a full sim. Post me your offer and ill respond promptly
  18. Price: US$350 Transfer fee included sim must be gone asap SIM name: Existence IM : Send a Notecard in world to Roarshack Zeplin if interested.
  19. update: still looking for scripters and php is a must as well as basic building knowledge
  20. Hello, i am looking for an experienced and reliable scripter for a roleplay/combat system for my new rp sim. If interested please reply to this thread and ill provide detailed information on what i need and negotiate payment. Thank You
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