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  1. Hi, I got an island available named Blue Island. It's a homestead with 5000 prims and it will come with estate rights. I hope to find someone for long term, hence the low price. if you're interested you can contact me in-game, or you can contact Azaleabluebell. Thanks Dennie Ling http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blue Island/179/110/25
  2. I'm offering my full private region for rent, the island comes with 20.000 prims and optional 30.000 is available too incase you need that. The price is 14500 per week if you pay for 4 weeks at once, otherwise it's 15.000 per week. Sim name is Home Whimsy Please contact me or Azaleabluebell in-world if you're interested. Best, Dennie Ling
  3. Hi, sad to say my island named Lion Lotus Lagoon will be going on sale. The island is a grandfathered island with a monthly fee of 195 USD. Optional you can upgrade the island to 30k prims for 30 USD monthly extra. I'm asking 1400 USD, price is including the 600 USD transfer fee to maintain the grandfather pricing. Kindly contact me or Azaleabluebell Resident by IM if you are interested. Best, Dennie
  4. Hey Tarina, I just have a tenant leaving one of my grandfather 30k prims islands, if you like we can talk about that one. Please IM me, Dennie Ling
  5. I have an island for rent, 20k prims completely surrounded by water. Price is 14k per week if you pay per month., otherwise it's 14500 weekly. For more info please IM me. Dennie Ling *PS. I got a homestead available too, 6800 weekly and it's yours.
  6. Asking price of 500 USD is including the transfer fee of 300., just thought I'd clarify that.
  7. I'm selling my grandfathered homestead, the tier date is at the 12th of each month so you will get a month included with the transfer. Asking price is 500 USD, the transfer fee to maintain the grandfather status is 300 USD. Rename and Moving is included with the transfer, the island will have to move from it's current location. If you're interested kindly send an IM to azaleabluebell resident or to myself. Best wishes, Dennie Ling
  8. Hi, as the title mentions I have an island available for rent with a rental fee of only 14k per week. I prefer to rent the island out per month so the payment will have to go per month too (60666 monthly) Please send me an in-game message if you're interested. Dennie Ling
  9. Hi I have Grandfather island for sale as my tenant couldn't afford it anymore. The island got 20k prims (can be upgraded to 30k prims if you want) and the monthly fee is 195 USD. Billing date is every 21st of the Month. I'm unsure about the prices as I saw them ranging from 1600 USD to 2500 USD., so make me a good offer and it's yours :-) Best to PM me in-game, Dennie Ling
  10. Hello :-) I have a Region for sale with 30.000 prims. The region is grandfathered and carries a long 10 years history. The island will need to be moved and renamed. Looking for an offer around 1100+600 transfer. If you're interested, please IM me in-game. Dennie Ling
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