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  1. That was the first thing I tried, I am not using blender but I am doing the equivalent of rotation and scale.
  2. Where do I begin. I am creating a house and I cannot seem to understand what I am doing wrong with physics, I looked up many videos and countless forum posts, I tried various methods and still end up with the physics either rotated on its side or just scaled wrong. This is the house This is the physics I started to do This is the result I get with just trying to do the front and the roof I can continue creating the shape because I wanted to see if I can get that part correct but I seem to never get the result I need I am about to lose my mind if anybody knows anything please help!!!
  3. hello i am looking to buy a full sim. Post me your offer and ill respond promptly
  4. Price: US$350 Transfer fee included sim must be gone asap SIM name: Existence IM : Send a Notecard in world to Roarshack Zeplin if interested.
  5. update: still looking for scripters and php is a must as well as basic building knowledge
  6. Hello, i am looking for an experienced and reliable scripter for a roleplay/combat system for my new rp sim. If interested please reply to this thread and ill provide detailed information on what i need and negotiate payment. Thank You
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