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  1. I am making a nice sim for members. How can I create a temporary (1-hour, 1-day, etc.) "pass" or "visitor tag" so people can check it out before committing to a membership?
  2. How do I wear multiple mesh alphas so I can wear more than one mesh clothing item? I can't combine boots and clothing--one mesh alpha kicks off the other! Help!
  3. I am owner of my own estate, but my castle is high up on mountain--Now clouds are coming through castle--How can I raise them up higher or make them stop penetrating castle?
  4. For what my opinion is worth, I think Linden Labs is horrible to nonprofits and the arts. I founded an RL 501c3 NonProfit that provides tremendous amounts of educational material to trauma survivors, and I took on the new VRE technology in SL to provide community and support for people worldwide with trauma. The cost of providing this benefit (free of charge to trauma survivors) keeps rising in SL...and creativity and art is a very important part of trauma recovery...The gamers and fun-bies have spoken, I suppose. Shame really. It seems many in SL condemn the arts and NPOs for "not staying afloat" financially, while they spam and market us to death, and always want a buck for "their" hobbies...hmmm...isn't it a pity? It will be interesting when the veterans (approximately 150,000 in number) come home from the wars, and the war refugees immigrate to the US, all technologically astute, and many in SL, and face the non-caring gamers and role-players in SL and ask them: "So, what were you busy doing from 2001-2012?" The virtual world will certainly become interesting then, aye? Anya Ibor (SL) RL: Colleen M. Crary, M.A. Founder and Executive Director FEARLESS NATION PTSD SUPPORT, Inc. ~ A 501c3 Non Profit Organization ~
  5. I certainly hope the new CEO will take notice of and give attention to the use of Second Life as a very "real" means of socializing and assisting others in skill development, especially 501c3 Non Profit Organizations who are doing good work for others.
  6. Please don't. There is already a problem with psychological maturity and the inability to separate RL from SL in a mature manner in SL. Teens do not belong here. They should be out in RL doing all the wild exuberant things teens do that promote their real social and psychological development. No. Stop it. We have enough of an obesity and social dysfunction issue with (notably American) teens. Enough. Colleen Crary, M.A. Fearless Nation PTSD Support http://www.fearless-nation.org
  7. Welcome Kim! I hope that SL will start recognizing the non-gaming, non-RP groups and sims, like the one I manage: Fearless Nation PTSD Support. Using the virtual reality technology, we have created a "retreat" where people with PTSD can try science-based recovery activities and socialize in a safe, private environment--from the safety of their home PC. "Try it in SL, then take it RL" is our motto. And we are seeing results.
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