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  1. Thanks guys, at least I know its not me. Patience is all we need :matte-motes-grin:
  2. I've been going nuts for the last few hours as SL suddenly is loading mesh and textures in slow motion. This is not normal for me and I don't now what to do. Is it just a slow day on the grid or is it me? Does anybody have any tips for what to do? My rig: Graphics: GeForce GTX 780 CPU: Intel Core i7 Ram: 16 GB Windows 8.1
  3. This is good news! Thank you Coby!
  4. I was afraid of this. This means you'd have to make two versions of an item of clothing, one super pretty for the Advanced Light crowd and one with all the old restrictions for the rest. Oh noooo. Maybe I'll wait for the new virtual world they're builiding :matte-motes-big-grin:
  5. Are the effects of normal maps only visible in Second Life with Advanced Lighting? Or can you have your graphics settings at Medium or High and still see the effects? I've been gone for a while and I'm only now starting to get exicted about the possiblities of normal maps, but if you can only see that on Ultra settings in SL it kind of puts a damper on things. Thanks, Milla
  6. Alpha layers are you friend here too. Create an alpha layer to mask off the skin under the mesh so that it won't poke through the mesh.
  7. Ok, never mind, turns out the solution was painfully easy - export as mb, import as mb! *face-palm*
  8. I have a model I'd like to import from one scene to another and I want the model to retain its quads, not tessallate - does anybody know how to go about this? Thanks!
  9. So I'm still not able to see the colours. I have narrowed the problem down a little by doing some testing. I'v come to the conclusion that its my specific scene where the problem persists. I'm using a scene that I downloaded from the Standard Sizing project that comes with standard sized avatars and skeletons (extremely useful). If I open a new scene and throw together a basic skeleton that I skin to a cylinder I get all kinds of lovely colours when I go to the Paint Weight Tool. If I do the same in my work-scene (where my mesh lives) I get no colour. Could there be a setting that is specific to a scene that could cause this problem?
  10. Thank you all so much for replies! I'm gonna be testing it again incorporating your advice - fingers crossed it works!
  11. Does anybody know why I can't see the colours when I weight paint in Maya? In all the tutorials I've seen they just start painting on the mesh and it's very easy to see with the colours what they're painting. I don't get that. Am I missing something obvious here? I'm working in Maya 2013. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the tip Cathy! I'm going to try the test grid out this weekend. For this current dress, I've given up and moved all the textures to one single material - not ideal, but I need to get it finished. I really hope this problem gets solved soon!
  13. I'm now thinking I should try the route of exporting to FBX first and then use the Autodesk FBX standalone converter to convert to .dae. My question now is how does the FBX converter work? I've downloaded it and installed but but what is the workflow? Thanks
  14. Hi Cathy :matte-motes-smile: Thanks for replying. I tested your method with a plain cube. I made one UV set for all the sides and a second UV set for the top and bottom and then applied 2 different Lamberts (one red and one blue - no texture files). Unfortunately, I still get the same problem in SL - the cube can take more than one texture in SL Edit Window, but it only displays one at a time. Its like it can only have one UV-map and its the one that I applied last in Maya. Infact the cube uploaded completely blue, which was the last material I applied to the top and bottom. So frustrating!
  15. I've been desperately trying to get my one mesh (a dress) to upload to SL with three different materials. I get it working fine in Maya 2013 - my UVs and materials behave as they should and I'm able to bake out textures fine. The trouble happens when I go to upload to SL. I only get as far as the mesh model accepting multiple textures in SL, but it only ever displays one of them. What could be going on? Could it have something to do with the newer version of Maya and how it exports to .dae? Thanks,
  16. Hi I was wondering if you found the solution to this problem? I'm having exactly the same issue as Pepper and it's driving me a little mad. I'm working in Maya 2013. Thanks
  17. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I tried putting the three different materials on the model in Maya and then exporting to .dae but I still get the same problem in SL; I don't get the separate faces as you mention. It seems like I'm missing some crucial step in Maya but I can't for the life of me figure it out.
  18. I'm having trouble applying the three textures i SL. I was able to do all the work in Maya, ie I made 3 UV sets and baked those out with textures. Now in SL I'm only able to apply one texture.... Am I missing something obvious?
  19. Thank you so much! That was exactly what I wanted to hear. :matte-motes-grin:
  20. I've been reading through a few of the threads on the topic of multiple materials on one mesh in Maya and I think I understand. But just to be safe I would like to make sure. I have a dress, a single mesh, to which I would like to apply 3 different textures; one for the top, one for the waist and one for the skirt. I'm thinking I should UV-map each section on to a separate UV set and then bake them out one at a time. Is this correct? Will the .dae file contain the info so that when I go to assemble the dress inSL I'm able to apply the three textures? Thanks
  21. I' ve been experimenting for a while now with weight painting rigged clothing and getting wild results sometimes. I would love to hear any advice or pointers that anyone would be willing to share. I have a feeling I'm missing some crucial information as it relates to SL. I work in Maya 2009. Thanks :)
  22. EDIT: I found the problem in my skeleton - the chest was tilted forward 5 degrees. I fixed it and now my mesh fits perfectly. Phew! Hi Betty I'm having the same problem with my skeleton and I was so happy to find your link! Unfortunately I can't open the file in Maya 2009 - do you think its a version issue? Do you have a new version of Maya? This is the error message I get
  23. Thank you all for replying! And thank you Chosen Few for the great information - I have learned something new yet again. Siddean, you were absolutely right! I had Joint Positions ticked. I re-did the upload and my eyes are beautifully straight again.
  24. What am I doing wrong when my avie's eyes go all cross-eyed when I wear one of my rigged mesh skirts? I've checked that they eye-joints don't have any influence in the skinning, but it still happens. I use Maya 2009. Please help!
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