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  1. phaedra Exonar wrote: What scares me about "The transition from Magic Boxes to Direct Delivery has been extended indefinitely" is that it all so likely means that all other needed work on the marketplace has been extended indefinitely until DD is fixed. There's no "fixing" DD. It now exists in essentially the form it was intended to take; no breedables and almost no TPV, meaning no breedables and practically no TPV in connection with the SLM as soon as the boxes finally get disabled. That being the whole point to begin with, why would you expect them to "fix" it, ever?
  2. >I don't ascribe the "winding down" activity you routinely highlight to a general motive or goal, but rather more toward their inability to comprehend what is needed, how to go about implementing it and a total lack of competent resources (meaning people) to accomplish anything worthwhile. If I would attribute this trend to any one source, I would more likely hang it around the neck of LL's divergence into other products and not at all to some malevolent or harmful intent. Then why not just put everything back the way it was a year ago and leave it that way? Why keep breaking things inste
  3. Mickey Vandeverre wrote: sure are a lot logged into the forum right now. spooky. a roustabout maybe. "All 2009 female sock puppets please report to the Merchants Forum..."
  4. WADE1 Jya wrote: Not sarcastic totally. I think your comments are helpful Kampu & more people should express their emotions as to the situation honestly as you do. Thank you for that. Your theory does seem a little too detailed, thats the bit that makes some people think its off the wall... unless of course you have access to LL offices to see inner workings. Are you a janitor at LL or somethin? :catvery-happy: I am curious why you refer to CTL as 'she' when they could easily be a he, or most likely CTL represents a group of Lindens. As for ' Malefactor Linden' I think most of wh
  5. Darrius Gothly wrote: However it struck me as incredibly disingenuous of CTL to have tossed the TPV Community under the wheels of their own dysfunctional bus. I don't think it's necessarily intended to punish TPV's or their users as such. It seems to me like just one more incremental deterrent to using the SLM rather than running an in-world shop. That is, anything that leaves the SLM technically functional but limits its total functionality is something you should expect to continue, and you should expect only to see more such things over the next few months.
  6. Arwen Serpente wrote: . It's the volume of cashouts that are happening that's causing the slowdown. Just imagine what will happen if there is some kind of panic. How many things can you name that might cause a panic?
  7. I understand there's a 49% chance that was intended as sarcasm, but I'm chosing to take it as-is, so thank you for your support. I would like to say that even if no one actually appreciates either any of the personal risks that at least some of you know I have already taken to try to resolve the root problem with SL commerce, and even if you all think I'm just an irritating, idiotic nutjob, my commitment is to the principle of fair business, not simply to people I hope will like me or something like that. With a little more support and/or cooperation, we might be able to speed up this proces
  8. This time I was actually being facetious. OTOH, keep ridiculing me for a few more pages and when I've got the upper hand, you can just have most of this thread deleted as before, and that will also remove the content you have ridiculed, as before, which I suppose solves a problem for each of us... except it's not a problem in my case, and that's why I'm encouraging you to do what I don't want you to do. Nothing needs to be revealed for any of you to see the certain truth of what I have already said. CTL doesn't do anything about support tickets or about people whining on blogs. CTL respond
  9. Pamela Galli wrote For the record. At least as long as you have no clear reason yet to have it all deleted, yes. Actually, I'm fine with it going on record, since it was clearly the plan CTL had in mind until I showed her that I was 100% expecting it. And some day, when all is finally revealed, that will be revealed as the plan that was to be followed, as will be revealed that fact that it was changed specifically in response to the accusation that it was exactly what they intended to do.
  10. What I claim in this instance, specifically, is that the insistence on "shall" resulted in the overreaction of "indefinitely". You don't need a magic 8-ball to predict CTL if you don't care to interfere with the process, because CTL, left to her own devices, is as reliable as a broken clock. This has been made as plain to you over the last year as is the nose on your face. Just scroll back about a year and read. It's all there. But CTL is also more and more predictable each time that she has not been left to her own devices and each time that we have been able to study how she responds to sp
  11. No backpedaling. I am taking credit, and if you don't think the kind of action I took explains the outcome, then you obviously didn't see how CTL reacted to things like the exposure of the MadMen promotion or to user email to Valve regarding the JIRAs. People in insecure executive positions can often be manipulated into doing something different from what they intend merely by being shown publicly as being broadly predictable. This is because it draws into question why they should be paid to make decisions that others are fully capable of making for them completely for free. More than that,
  12. You're all quite welcome. Let this be a lesson to you in how best to force another's hand.
  13. They also said they wouldn't deploy any DD code without notice, and yet that's exactly what happened on 13 September 2011. Magic Boxes SHALL be shut off on 1 October and the permissions problem will not yet be solved. More than likely, merchants will be told at that point to work around the permissions problem by selling their stuff in-world. This has been in the works since the change from Xstreet to SLM and all the signs have been there for many months, so please all don't be surprised by it when it happens.
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