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  1. phaedra Exonar wrote: What scares me about "The transition from Magic Boxes to Direct Delivery has been extended indefinitely" is that it all so likely means that all other needed work on the marketplace has been extended indefinitely until DD is fixed. There's no "fixing" DD. It now exists in essentially the form it was intended to take; no breedables and almost no TPV, meaning no breedables and practically no TPV in connection with the SLM as soon as the boxes finally get disabled. That being the whole point to begin with, why would you expect them to "fix" it, ever?
  2. >I don't ascribe the "winding down" activity you routinely highlight to a general motive or goal, but rather more toward their inability to comprehend what is needed, how to go about implementing it and a total lack of competent resources (meaning people) to accomplish anything worthwhile. If I would attribute this trend to any one source, I would more likely hang it around the neck of LL's divergence into other products and not at all to some malevolent or harmful intent. Then why not just put everything back the way it was a year ago and leave it that way? Why keep breaking things instead of at least reversing some of the bad changes? >Even if they have somehow decided to shoot the Marketplace in the head while shooting themselves in the foot, I just don't see that much control or focus on the part of LL Management to implement such a strategy and keep it completely secret. Far too much leaks out on stuff that is much more damaging to LL than it would be to find out they've hatched some sort of hair-brained scheme to kill off the Marketplace. This assumes some kind of concerted effort which I don't think is present. What I think is present is one person who can't be easily cut out like the cancer she is because she has legal rights over some code to which Rod believes LL is now dependent; one person with the authority both to threaten her underlings with open-ended unemployment scenarios and to threaten her superiors with simply taking her code and leaving if they do not accede to her continuing demands for even greater control within the company. There's probably not much to leak because it's increasingly one person making all the decisions on her own, and because anyone who leaks anything has no exit strategy in the current economy. >You may continue post-dicting events to your heart's content, but if you are accomplishing anything at all in your continued vendetta it is to so dull people to the whole nest of issues such that when something of import really does happen, the majority of people are more likely to turn away in disgust because "it's just more of that LL bashing BS!" I'm really sorry that you see things that way. The only "post-dicted" event so far is shall/indefinitely. But I do promise you'll see more. You'll know what they are because something will go not as badly as it should have for some mysterious reason. As for LL-bashing, there are about 100 Lindens I'm not bashing, and really only 1 with whom I have what I expect will be irresoluble ethical differences. Even so, I might consider dropping the "vendetta" when the SLM is as useful as it was a year ago. As a minimum criterion, that's pretty reasonable, isn't it?
  3. Mickey Vandeverre wrote: sure are a lot logged into the forum right now. spooky. a roustabout maybe. "All 2009 female sock puppets please report to the Merchants Forum..."
  4. WADE1 Jya wrote: Not sarcastic totally. I think your comments are helpful Kampu & more people should express their emotions as to the situation honestly as you do. Thank you for that. Your theory does seem a little too detailed, thats the bit that makes some people think its off the wall... unless of course you have access to LL offices to see inner workings. Are you a janitor at LL or somethin? :catvery-happy: I am curious why you refer to CTL as 'she' when they could easily be a he, or most likely CTL represents a group of Lindens. As for ' Malefactor Linden' I think most of whatever is left of LL falls into that category at this point. Either that or ' Incompetent Linden' or ' WeCantAffordToHireQualityPeopleAnymore Linden'. Only good Lindens left are Dakota and Sea in my opinion. I think almost all the good ones were fired or quit by now. I realize now it wouldn't have been 100% sarcasm, since whether or not we agree on the total product wind-down for SL, it would seem to have to be clear to you that that would include a wind-down of the SLM, which I think is happening. I understand that my theory may seem to run counter to Occam's Razor for a lot of people reading it, but maybe they're actually the ones making the extra assumptions. In my case, all I have really had to do is to look at everything that has been done to the SLM over the last year, consider what common result each of these changes happens to have, and to consider whether it's simpler to explain the consistency of this common result as either intentional or unintentional. I could be wrong about specific things, sure. But as a total model, I don't see anyone else coming up with anything as simple and elegant as my own. The formula is "if there were one more thing CTL could do to persuade merchants to quit the SLM for in-world marketing, what would it be?". When CTL makes an announcement, I filter it through this question to project what she will ultimately do. Only recently have I got far enough ahead of her to begin interfering in practical ways. But you can expect more progress. There is and has been plenty more to observe than most people bother to look into, and there is more and more to analyze and assess almost every day. If other people are not seeing the pattern as I am, it must be because they are either ignoring some of the pieces of the puzzle, or because they are resistant to putting them together if it makes a picture they just don't want to see. My guess is, more of the former than the latter. That's what I'm somewhat hopeful. As I have stated elsewhere, CTL is essentially one person, trying to spread the blame for her own behavior among others be tainting them with inclusion to her "team". If there is any malefactor at LL at this point other than CTL herself, I think he needs to realize he's got some pretty stiff competition and he might do better to get out before he finds himself in her way. If this person can destroy a whole company with her infectious failures, she can probably only more easily destroy him. That people don't realize Sea is gone just underscores the general lack of awareness about what's really happening with the Lindens. I also didn't know that, but I never directly interacted with Sea, either. There's plenty that I don't know, but people around here have a weird tendency to talk as if they know way more than I do about what must be going on, and yet there's almost inevitably some kind of WTF moment for them just around the corner. 13 September 2011. 14 February 2012. Madstyle. No breedables on DD. Hidden JIRAs. The list goes on. Such a moment is already in the pipe for anyone who is still dismissing me, provided that SL is even around long enough for it to come out. What people think they know about what's happening at LL has more to do with their own assumptions about how companies usually work than about what conclusions can be reasonably drawn from the facts when viewed as a whole. Someone at a company like LL wouldn't really be deliberately shutting down, piecemeal, a utility like the SLM... would she? Deliberately or not, that's ALL that we've seen her do over the last year. ALL. Can that possibly be just a string of bizzarre accidents?
  5. Darrius Gothly wrote: However it struck me as incredibly disingenuous of CTL to have tossed the TPV Community under the wheels of their own dysfunctional bus. I don't think it's necessarily intended to punish TPV's or their users as such. It seems to me like just one more incremental deterrent to using the SLM rather than running an in-world shop. That is, anything that leaves the SLM technically functional but limits its total functionality is something you should expect to continue, and you should expect only to see more such things over the next few months.
  6. Arwen Serpente wrote: . It's the volume of cashouts that are happening that's causing the slowdown. Just imagine what will happen if there is some kind of panic. How many things can you name that might cause a panic?
  7. I understand there's a 49% chance that was intended as sarcasm, but I'm chosing to take it as-is, so thank you for your support. I would like to say that even if no one actually appreciates either any of the personal risks that at least some of you know I have already taken to try to resolve the root problem with SL commerce, and even if you all think I'm just an irritating, idiotic nutjob, my commitment is to the principle of fair business, not simply to people I hope will like me or something like that. With a little more support and/or cooperation, we might be able to speed up this process, somewhat. But it's unclear. Please be assured, though: I am diligently pursuing this matter on the basis of my own values system, not because I hope people will at some point start saying a bunch of nice things about me.
  8. This time I was actually being facetious. OTOH, keep ridiculing me for a few more pages and when I've got the upper hand, you can just have most of this thread deleted as before, and that will also remove the content you have ridiculed, as before, which I suppose solves a problem for each of us... except it's not a problem in my case, and that's why I'm encouraging you to do what I don't want you to do. Nothing needs to be revealed for any of you to see the certain truth of what I have already said. CTL doesn't do anything about support tickets or about people whining on blogs. CTL responds only to things that frighten her. Just look at everything CTL has done over the past year and it's clear that if you want CTL to do anything differently from what I have said she intends to do, she needs to be very deliberately provoked to action. None of you have done that. I have.
  9. Pamela Galli wrote For the record. At least as long as you have no clear reason yet to have it all deleted, yes. Actually, I'm fine with it going on record, since it was clearly the plan CTL had in mind until I showed her that I was 100% expecting it. And some day, when all is finally revealed, that will be revealed as the plan that was to be followed, as will be revealed that fact that it was changed specifically in response to the accusation that it was exactly what they intended to do.
  10. What I claim in this instance, specifically, is that the insistence on "shall" resulted in the overreaction of "indefinitely". You don't need a magic 8-ball to predict CTL if you don't care to interfere with the process, because CTL, left to her own devices, is as reliable as a broken clock. This has been made as plain to you over the last year as is the nose on your face. Just scroll back about a year and read. It's all there. But CTL is also more and more predictable each time that she has not been left to her own devices and each time that we have been able to study how she responds to specific types of stimuli. CTL is prone to overreaction if propely provoked and we have seen this several times times now. For example... To remove a graphic "MadMen5" and replace it with the same graphic with a different name accomplished nothing in terms of protecting LL from the lawyers at Lions' Gate, who had already been directed to it in the original version. But to replace it was tantamount to an admission that it was wrong to post in the first place. Thus, the replacement was an overreaction in terms of producing a new problem without improving an existing problem. A more well-considered response would have been to accelerate the next promotion and get it listed as quickly as possible. To hide the JIRAs was an overreaction to Valve being alerted to them because it didn't really make the JIRAs unavailable for continued examination by Valve's people, while, again, hiding them did produce a totally new problem. Because the hiding doesn't really hide what already exists, the hiding is tanatmount to an admission that there will yet be substantially more things to similarly hide. Thus, CTL continues to dig her own grave by not having well-calculated responses to such things prepared before they happen. And if you think CTL doesn't similarly react to things posted on this forum, you are certainly incorrect. Threads on this forum that should frighten CTL often get deleted not in hours, but in minutes. People see them, see what they are, and then see that they are suddenly gone. Everyone can see what she's doing here if they will take the time to watch. To pretend that we don't already see what CTL intends to do next is a great strategy if it's what we actually want her to do. But if we don't want that to happen, it's much better to show a total commitment. I used the word "shall" because it's what Sun Tzu would have advised me to use. It was too important not to use in this case, finally, because of the 4th Quarter. Merchants now at least stand some kind of a chance to move their no-transfer Halloween items via the SLM. If I had not said "shall", CTL probably would not have felt sufficiently challenged in order to cancel her immediate plan to (again) screw up Halloween sales. So again, yes, you're welcome.
  11. No backpedaling. I am taking credit, and if you don't think the kind of action I took explains the outcome, then you obviously didn't see how CTL reacted to things like the exposure of the MadMen promotion or to user email to Valve regarding the JIRAs. People in insecure executive positions can often be manipulated into doing something different from what they intend merely by being shown publicly as being broadly predictable. This is because it draws into question why they should be paid to make decisions that others are fully capable of making for them completely for free. More than that, most people, but especially dysfunctional people, harbor and cling to the delusion that their own actions are only less predictable to others than to themselves. In the case of passive-agressive people, especially, the lack of control they feel in their own lives is partially compensated-for in the feeling of control they get over others by posing unpleasant surprises. Predicting the surprise exposes the passive-agressive to his own lack of control over his need to control others in one way or another. The result is practically always a momentary change in the behavior pattern, and usually consists of some kind of over-reaction. The over-reaction in the JIRA email issue was simply to hide the JIRAs. The over-reaction to the word "shall" is the word "indefinitely". So, again, yes, you're very welcome. CTL may be starting to realize she's using checkers strategy in this little chess game, but simply knowing that doesn't seem to have helped her very much.
  12. You're all quite welcome. Let this be a lesson to you in how best to force another's hand.
  13. They also said they wouldn't deploy any DD code without notice, and yet that's exactly what happened on 13 September 2011. Magic Boxes SHALL be shut off on 1 October and the permissions problem will not yet be solved. More than likely, merchants will be told at that point to work around the permissions problem by selling their stuff in-world. This has been in the works since the change from Xstreet to SLM and all the signs have been there for many months, so please all don't be surprised by it when it happens.
  14. Thanks, Darrius, for explaining one of the known causes of the "problem", and especially thanks for putting "problem" in quotation marks. I would like to emphasize that a simple utility was in fact subtracted from the SLM which would somewhat have prevented this outcome as it had before, had this not been subtracted. That is: an unexplained change was made which reduced the total net utility of the SLM. And was this the first time for such a thing? Again applying Occam's Razor, an increasingly repeated outcome stemming from multiple new causes is more likely an intended outcome on someone's part. Of course, if some readers still do not find valid the theory that the SLM is being gradually engineered to persuade merchants and customers to take their business in-world, a simple scientific test would be: Watch for the next change (or set of changes as a total event) made to the SLM and see whether it either more encourages continued use of the SLM or more encourages a shift of business to in-world venues. Not that I think any amount of evidence will matter to some people here, but the test I suggest is a test I have already run continuously over the last year. And guess what I observed every single time.
  15. Porky Gorky wrote: I think you are giving LL far too much credit here. It would be great if they could concoct some diabolical plan to destroy the MP and drive business back inworld, but alas I don't think that is their intent. I think it is just happening by accident due to the usual ongoing incompetence. And I think you're giving the most basic laws of probability far too much credit for their willingness to bend to the actions of Linden Labs, in terms of quality of outcomes. Since the very inception of the Marketplace as a replacement for Xstreet, can you really name even one change that has taken place to the SLM which does not ultimately encouraged merchants either to move their activity in-world or quit being merchants altogether (which also helps)? If you could still see the JIRAs, they would read basically as a list of many small things one could do, each not very suspicious in isolation, to make the SLM gradually less and less attractive to merchants as compared to in-world options. And now that you can't even see the JIRA's, that's just one more thing, really. Moreover... ...Let's just suppose, as a kind of mental exercise, that it's the first day of the SLM and you have been hired to think up the maximum number of plausibly deniable bugs and minor inconveniences that can be gradually applied to the SLM in order to get people to stop using it by some significant proportion. How much more do you think you could come up with that hasn't already really happened? I think you'd probably agree that I'm a reasonably imaginitive person. But when I have tried this exercise, I haven't come up with much. And you?
  16. For certain at least some of the duplicates are clumsiness, yes. Customers have told me so. But there are other things that cause an item to seem to be ordered twice, which you can try for yourself. For example, if an item is deleted from a Magic Box (either by you or by Malefactor Linden) but the synch with the SLM hasn't been updated (that is, hasn't completed updating), a single order for that item will split into a double order, with the charges doubled. This was documented on this very forum months ago with the test of the item named "nonexistent item".
  17. Sassy Romano wrote: This is why I prefer people to buy inworld, our vendors check their purchase history and if they've already bought the item ever before, they are auto refunded. If the system can be coded to reduce mistakes, it's my view that it should be. That you will prefer to buy in-world is the whole reason this problem exists in the first place. I have tested it and it definitely is not explicable solely by user carelessness. This and many other things are clearly intended to push people back in-world where they are hoped to inflate the demand for land by merchants.
  18. This is just one more problem that should be easy to solve, but which goes unsolved in order to discourage you from using the SLM. LL needed an excuse to stop people from using Xstreet and go back to paying for land in order to sell stuff, but if they did it too quickly and transparently, they'd have been exposing themselves to certain things. Thus they built a replacement system for Xstreet which, given steady modifications at least, could gradually frustrate merchants to the point where in-world sales begin to seem like the only solution.
  19. What's fundamentally wrong with SLM when compared to XStreet is a topic I could maybe just about almost fit into the Grand Canyon.
  20. Lyle Pelazzi wrote: I dont understand why this isnt fixed. The simplest explanation for why something easy to fix never gets fixed is that the existence of the problem, itself, is a solution or part of a solution for someone else's problem. That is: someone at Linden Labs wants you to be frustrated, and to complain, and to see nothing done about your complaint.
  21. Czari Zenovka wrote: Thus the reason I will never use the official SL viewer. Of course I haven't been going back to late 2007 or so when I was introduced to the Nicholaz viewer and used it until Phoenix. Yes. That and the fact that stuff on Linden's viewer is organized to make one's mouse button wear out at least twice as fast as it would for an Imprudence user (for example).
  22. Probably someone's last desperate act at LL before being sh##canned.
  23. After 1 October, I'm going to wait a few days to see whether my IP address will also be blocked before I bother to convert anything to DD.
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