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  1. LL get your heads out of your asses. NOT ONCE have you asked US the consumers what you should do. You implented these changes to STOP people from using TPV. Its stupid. You are supposed to be the forefront and you guys are so behind that you have to come up with this stupidity to MAKE everyone choose V2.X Well guess what if those grid wide, I hope you realize that you will loose A LOT oF PAYING CUSTOMERS! So much for your bottomline. For even most of your premium accounts use a thrid party viewer. Why? Becasues yours Sucks donkey balls. Quit jacking with **bleep** that is already working just fine. You goof nuggets.
  2. Torley Linden.. I have to say even tho I do not agree with a lot what Linden Labs have done concerning their customer service. I have to say, that for the past 2 years I been on SL your YouTube tutorials as well as helpful tips from there have been a GREAT help. I am glad to see that you are continuing to be very helpful when it comes to finding questions and answers when something "bugs" us. And yes Live Chat is only for Premium accounts. I already posted my thoughts on the Making Stride thread. But I digress. Your tutorials have always been helpful. And surprisingly enough, I met someone who has been in Game for 3 years and I was able to help them thanks to your subject matter on YouTube "how to mute an object" That has been a great help when dealing with the tummy talkers. I can understand why some people would like to know what their prim babies are thinking in the womb, but when at a club setting, I find that very distasteful. But since you shown Me how to mute the "tummy talkers" I been enjoying the clubs allot more. But the only issue I really have against Linden Labs is that it was after i was scammed out of 950L, after have submitted a trouble ticket, a bug report and an abuse report, I was given a link that said sorry but your SOL.. singed LL...even tho my dashboard showed the transaction on my side, LL still claims that I am SOL. But that is another subject matter. Thanks again for all the work you have done in the past and all the work you will continue to do. Its because of your easy to follow tutorials I am able to enjoy Second Life more-so than trying to figure out what in the world I am doing wrong.
  3. Please see Inventory never received A malfunction or region issues may cause a scripted vendor to fail to deliver purchased items. Unfortunately, there is nothing Second Life Support can do to help recover items that were never received. Contact the Resident that sold the items, and explain that you never received your purchase. If you are unsure who to contact, you may look at your transaction history: Visit http://www.secondlife.com/account/transactions.php Thank you : ) so wat you are telling me i can MAKE a region fail to give a paid item; KEEP the lindens and not worry about recourse? WHAT THE F%CK
  4. Thank You. Did you know that the whole time i called LL on the phone NOT ONCE did they even metioning to me I should have done this in the first place. I am glad I came back here and read this again. File an abuse against the owner of the sim for being a bad reseller. OUTSTANDING. I am now filing an Abuse Report, a bug report, ANOTHER ticket and while I am at it I wonder if I filed a griefing report against Linden Labs themselves as well. now I hope they give me back My lindens.
  5. I did one better. A friend asked me about Second life, I told her the good, the bad, and the ugly of SL. She said she singed up for a Premium account I asked her why pay more for less. She said what do you mean. Your not a business owner you a nobody like me. So why pay LL ANYTHING? I told her about how customer service blew me off like a snot rag. She said really, if she treated her real patients like LL treated people then she would be out of customers as well as her job, and maybe her medical license as well. I called the 1-800 and was told that they cant fix My case due to me living in the states and they are in the UK?? WTF??!!! I had to check the number I dialed to make sure i did not call the UK. I think Linden Labs forgot what they got into business for in the first place. The more and more people that come aboard as a Basic account should get the same level of support as premium. For Basic accounts also spend cash to buy lindens as well. And if this ow LL does business maybe they need to delcare bankruptcy and close Second Life and SAVE all that money they are wasting away for not being able to help anyone anymore. "Making Strides to Improve our Customer Support Services".. yeah Making strides to piss people off.
  6. Not if the sim that is owned by the reseller refuses to deliver the product to you by some security issue that was installed. My dashboard shows I paid for it. She said basically she never got paid. Which I find hard to believe as the dashboard showed the transaction went through, but as you can see due to a security issue the item was never delivered. And as for you saying you don't see the big deal over 3 dollars. I can tell you this. When you use a prepaid credit card like I do, it cost 12 dollars just to use the card. The 5 dollar reloading fee and the monthly fee for not making 30 transaction in a month nor having a $1000 USD balance at the end of the month. It's just NOT the 3 bux as you put it. I had spent in almost 2 years in Second life, OVER ONE GRAND CASH into this game. If is this how Business is allowed to be done in SL and by LL, then I have no further reason to BUY lindens period.
  7. I sent in two tickets and when i called the phone number they said My BEST option was posting to this blog. Its been almost 3 weeks since the initial report was filed and now I can not even access the original report. Enough of being Mr Nice Guy and believing in the system. I have no qualms about posting LOGS on this one now and let people see what I dealt with in this covering a Shop Owner and a Reseller. I paid for the black Velocity Black XDM Ver. 1.3 for 950L and this is what I got instead. Velocity Full Line 12 panel vendor 1.3 whispers: Security problem. Delivery failed. So I went to Velcity main store to use thier re-dilvery system and was told: hippoVEND Redelivery Terminal whispers: No previous purchases found that can be redelivered. SO I IM the owner of Velocity Mark Fang: not a problem I dont want the money really I just want the gun Comes Nitely: Getting her to refund you is all we can do at this point. Since the vendor failed like that my portion of the transaction didn't make it to me or the sales server. Mark Fang: ah then I would get the refund and buy from your main stroe itself,, gotcha thanks Comes Nitely: Yes, you could certainly do that if you wish Mark. Most likely that sim needs a reboot or SL may just being it's wonderful self again lol. brb she just responded to my IM Comes Nitely: Hey there Mark, She says she's not showing anything in her transaction history for today. I would suggest contacting her So I did, but she never returned ANY IM nor a NC or anything, she basically gave me the brush off Mark Fang: hiya hun I hate to be a bother Inventory item offered So I did I sent her a note card that read 09/24/2010 16:41:59 826ef936 Destination: Loretta Dallagio Payment Region: Caladan Island Description: Velocity Full Line 12 panel vendor 1.3 L$950 Velocity Full Line 12 panel vendor 1.3 whispers: Security problem. Delivery failed. As the security issue was at Her SIm (village of slave hunt) So I went to Velocity HQ and tried their redelivery service and was was told hippoVEND Redelivery Terminal whispers: No previous purchases found that can be redelivered. I paid for the black XMD Pistol for 950. I still have not received word from Her, the product, nor a refund. And Now the BEST that Customer Support says I can do is post to a BLOG? well there you Blog Readers.
  8. Sl said it was due to a bug. Ok so I waited the 2 weeks since i reported it, 10 days after it was upgraded. Now i can not even view the orginal ticket I submitted. LL said it was a bug. I paid for the black Velocity Black XDM Ver. 1.6 for 950L
  9. I submitted a ticket into LL for a failed market place. I was told that it should be resolved in 10 days. I still not satisfied with the results as I am still out 950L as well as no product received. I contacted both the owner of the Shop as well as the Sim owner and was told that neither one of them had received any payment from me on that date, and yet My dashboard shows I paid the lindens but a security issue in the Sim stopped the transfer. Now what is going on here. case number #00915795 2010-09-24 18:24:20 originally submission date case number #00928302 2010-10-10 01:55:55 resubmitted. Now I dont want to post names here, but if I must I shall for not only is this bad business for LL but also for the two Sims involed. As I refuse to support either sim at this point as I no longer visit, support, nor rp at either sim as this is just bad practice. Full Line 12 panel vendor 1.3 whispers: Security problem. Delivery failed.
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