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  1. AMITA congrats, this is wonderful! you know how much I love this pic, and you totally deserve the honour. Hey Santorini Club jerks, so not appropriate here. This is a picture of the day, and the Lab aren't going to read your whining, so take it elsewhere eh?
  2. Thank you so much for choosing my pic!
  3. Thank you so much Second Life; I'm so thrilled to have my pic up! And squeeeee Berry and Graz - THANK YOU LADIES! Candi and Bernmarie; all you need to do is submit pics to this Flickr group - Second Life Official . I guess someone has a look through the group each day and picks one that they think everyone would find interesting. Go for it!
  4. Such a dreamy pic Skittles - YAY YOU!
  5. I freakin' love this blogpost. Biggest smile I've had all day. Thanks Mr Rodvik for getting to actually learn about this world that you've been handed. That's more than half the battle for our hearts and minds won right there.
  6. It sounds like we will have a new leader who will really "get" Second Life now. What an inspiring bio; I'm really looking forward to seeing what you bring to our world Mr Humble. YAY for Christmas time hope!
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