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  1. More specifically, the "Settings" prim unless your collar maker hasn't updated in the last year or so.
  2. CarlottaAdagio wrote: Grey Mars asked: "What is a "**bleep**" and why is it easy? It's okay, my head will not expload if you use a grown up word." Grey Mars: What I wrote was: Play your own *S-L-U-T* and the forum put in a bleep for that. Lol! Oh my! What a bad word! And you all think I am prude? Look at this forum...! What is easy is for a man to play it's own slave (or the S-L...word) and no real woman is involved but everybody thinks that a real woman is involved who wants to be degraded. Ever thought about why LL has forbidden Age Play (Child Pornography Roleplay) in SL? No real child is harmed if two adult people play child pornography in SL... Because there is so much more to it. It is not about whether a real child is hurt or not. It is about the idea of having sex with a child. Every sane person would agree that this idea is sick and wrong. Also it is known that such fantasies sometimes are the beginning of the plan of a crime. Such fantasies are not harmless at all. And so it is exactly the same with the idea of kidnapping, raping and torturing women. Rape-, Torture- and Capture Roleplay are an assault on the dignity of women. And they can form ideas and opinions about women. Every picture, every movie, every animation can influence and affect people's thoughts and opinion. In real life all this is no fantasy. Women are suffering various types of cruelty, torture, persecution and oppression. Every day rape and violence against women is happening in our world. We must never underestimate the harm even pictures and pixeled animations can have on certain people. For example men who feel powerless in real life and try to compensate their feelings of being a loser with brutal rape fantasies about women. The rape and torture groups in SL are violating the human value of women over and over again. In for a penny, in for a pound. Let's hit up this idea of men running their own slave alt, I belive I have some unique perspective on that one. As I've mentioned, I am an adult content provider. If I've done my job right, some of my advertising should be on your complaint list. If it's not, I need to advertise more! The majority of the advertisements and product images I make do in fact feature a dress up bot account. Now here's the part that will blow your mind. There is a quite literal queue of eager live human volenteers who would love to take the place of that bot. Contrary to your assertions, they are not even excaped mental patients. They are simply people who enjoy something you do not. Here's another point from someone who actually knows. The vast majority of customers are in fact women. It's never been a secret that women drive the SL economy, nor that they shape it's course. This is still perfectly true in the fetish and kink industries. Now here's something you might not be aware of: as a male fetish designer, I am in the minority. Most kink creators are women. Or if we're using your terms, abused powerless PTSD driven head cases desperatly pedeling their filth and sickness to other powerless depraved sickos. Personally I'm sticking with my own view, that of successful female business owners bringing excitement to their customer base. Oh wait, did that somehow forget to lay all blaim at the feet of the mythical brutal male plutocracy? As mentioned, age play rules are a result of specific RL law changes. If I'm remembering correctly, law changes in Germany at the time of the rule enactments. Once more I agree with you about the existance of deplorable RL incidents of violence, opression, and hatred towards woman. Once more I'm going to suggest you go do something about that instead of an unwanted witchhunt against purely consentual adult sexual play. And yes, to be perfectly clear I do think you are a prude.
  3. CarlottaAdagio wrote: I am in second life for 5 years. About transactional arrangement: If about 80 % of the female avatars wanting to be degraded are men in real life then your assessment is wrong. And whenever you hear about statistics it is stated that a great number of female avatars are male in real life. Play your own **bleep**. It's so easy. About the real women that want to be degraded in SL it is known that they are having a psychologically problem. So many abused women on SL. You should know that or go on dreaming... You say: "Some of the choices for stock imagery suck, sure". - Yeah that is my point! LL should do something about it. Everytime I try to exite someone for SL I hear the same: Nah - this is only for kinks. Just pornographic stuff. Wow, what great advertising for SL!! ...okay, I'll take the bait. If you are playing out an elaborite troll, give yourself 10 points. Where to start? Maybe some full disclosure? I am a long time creator of adult content. I'm also male. And because someone else was already dragging out the race arguements, I'll point out that I'm white. Hell, I'm also heterosexual, nearing middle age, and American. If you are thinking any of those items disqualify any arguement I make, then I have no interest in changing your mind. If all those things are however fine, I shall give a hearty 'Party on, Fellow Human Being!' More on topic, how about a source to silly number like 80%? It would be nice to see where such a metric is coming from aside from "Numbers I just made up because they support my arguement." I will accept that more men play female avatars than woman play male avatars. Anything beyond that is a massive leap for any arguement to make. What is a "**bleep**" and why is it easy? It's okay, my head will not expload if you use a grown up word. Now for the meat of what irritated me enough to actually post. Because you do not like something, does NOT mean the person engaged in the activity is mentally ill and sick. This should be such a basic concept that I don't even know how to articulate it properly. The best I can come up with is to assert that because someone is not exactly the same as you, they are not somehow lesser or defective. It seems like this point has been made a few times before, but perhaps you are right and I dreamed it? To hit another point made in another post, SL is significantly safer for people to explore their differences than the outside world. You can mute, ban, derender, and if all else fails close the window. With the number of options availible, I belive it is safe to generalize to the effect that if someone is engaged in an activity, they likely want to be. No one is being actually held by force. To continue on a different related tangent, by all means help those who ARE in fact abused, those who are in true danger. It is the mark of a fine and admirable human being to put themselves on the line to truely help others. It is somewhat less admirable to confine one's crusade to a perfectly safe enviornment to help people who neither need nor want your help. Also a point of history: LL did do something about it, in conjunction with the terrible idea to allow children onto the grid. They created adult land. This protects those who do not wish to see a certain kind of content, and even more importaintly protects those who DO wish to see it from those who don't. Pornographic stuff for kinks? I'd check out SL with that advertising, perhaps they should adopt it as the new slogan! I suspect it will draw more consumers than "SL, the world's largest virtual church quilting bee!" I'll spare everyone more of this rant, at least for the moment. You're not the first witchhunter to pop up.
  4. I have a copy and will be poking at it the next few days. One issue that's not memory related but could be shoehorned into the overall release... Currently props are rezed with a compleatly random listen channel. It would be extreamly nice if they were on a predictable offset based on object uuid, so 3rd party plugins and scripts can also use the channel.
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