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  1. More specifically, the "Settings" prim unless your collar maker hasn't updated in the last year or so.
  2. CarlottaAdagio wrote: Grey Mars asked: "What is a "**bleep**" and why is it easy? It's okay, my head will not expload if you use a grown up word." Grey Mars: What I wrote was: Play your own *S-L-U-T* and the forum put in a bleep for that. Lol! Oh my! What a bad word! And you all think I am prude? Look at this forum...! What is easy is for a man to play it's own slave (or the S-L...word) and no real woman is involved but everybody thinks that a real woman is involved who wants to be degraded. Ever thought about why LL has forbidden Age Play (Child Pornography Roleplay) in SL? No r
  3. CarlottaAdagio wrote: I am in second life for 5 years. About transactional arrangement: If about 80 % of the female avatars wanting to be degraded are men in real life then your assessment is wrong. And whenever you hear about statistics it is stated that a great number of female avatars are male in real life. Play your own **bleep**. It's so easy. About the real women that want to be degraded in SL it is known that they are having a psychologically problem. So many abused women on SL. You should know that or go on dreaming... You say: "Some of the choices for stock imagery suck, sure". -
  4. I have a copy and will be poking at it the next few days. One issue that's not memory related but could be shoehorned into the overall release... Currently props are rezed with a compleatly random listen channel. It would be extreamly nice if they were on a predictable offset based on object uuid, so 3rd party plugins and scripts can also use the channel.
  5. The short version: I am not pleased. The long version: Where to start? Let's start with the good parts. First, we have aparently been successful with branding the silly name of "Zindra" to adult content, otherwise the newcomers would not have gone to the trouble and expense to hijack it. Second, there is finially a cause that will unite (however temporarily) the Zindrans with thier arch enemies, the Zindrans. I seem to be out of good parts... On to bad parts and general complaining! To the owners of New Zindra: We know you think it's a good idea, and that you think you'll do be
  6. I've thought about this one off and on over the years, and even made a few aborted attempts at designing such a system. There are two problems I I keep running into each time. First is that people do not percive 'pain' in the same way. The line between fun and hurt is different for each individual and even for that individual depends on mood. This problem at least can be solved with some configuration and mood toggles. It does however mean a more complex system than the usual customer cares about. Problem Two: eventually people always end up wanting to attach this feedback to "par
  7. As a maker of... "stuff", I might be able to help with the alignment of... "items". Please note however that I tend to specialize in... "things" rather than... "objects". Fortunately if you need help with... "objects", you can always go to... "that place". On the other hand, if you are into... "activities" or... "past times", I can definitely help! Today's code: RED SKY MORLOCK ... While I appreciate that there IS a public adult content forum, it would be really nice if things pertaining to adult content could actually be posted to it. As a side note, I am finding PG to be increasingly offensi
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