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  1. Madeliefste Oh wrote: But do your homework well before you start inviting press people, and concentrate on those that really relate to what your business is about. I would add to this to also be self-aware and self-critical. Writers aren't there to promote your business. They are there to create compelling content for their readers. Being sensitive to that, and investing some time in knowing a particular writer's interest will go a long way in making them take an interest in you. I've been a writer in SL media and I can tell you that sending a random IM saying "Hey, can you write an artic
  2. Luna Bliss wrote: One best business practice I'd like to share regards how I make the connection between the MP @ my in-world store. I've started putting out an info cube with an URL giver in it next to my in-world store items so that shoppers can click this and go directly to the item at my MP store. I know, at first I thought this might be stupid since I'd be getting less money if they purchased it on the MP, but I believe it actually increases sales overall - you can see all the details of the item so much better on the MP - so much more detail than a note card can provide (and note cards
  3. Josephina Bonetto wrote: OMG you are right, I'm in the Destination Guide. I never even considered it for a second so thank you for telling me to look LOL. I have just got disproportionately excited - I need a first life O_O Yay! Congrats Josephina! I've seen your place and it's cool that you have info and other stuff right there at the landing point so that people will know what's going on. That's great. Sometimes, an event oriented place will be put in the Destination Guide and a lot of people will TP in when nothing is happening and there's nothing there to tell them what it'
  4. If you are a club or any other venue with frequent events, i really like what Josephina has done by having a website/blog as an info-hub. If possible, the home page should be done "feed" style so that there's always current content to give a sense of something happening. The teleport button or link should be prominent and up top. Any off world ads or social media postings should point to the blog rather than a slurl (the exception would be event listings that are specifically for sl events). If you're thinking that you don't have enough stuff happening to do a content feed, you probably do.
  5. Dartagan Shepherd wrote: I tend to think that to compete in a market where everyone has the same tools it takes more than the tools provided by LL, no matter how good or bad they are (although I do think they're quite good when used effectively) in order to rise above. Yes. I'm biting my tongue a little to stay on the topic of in-world marketing. Even if the system tools worked great, I'd never do a promo event in-world without using off-world resources to promote it. It's actually the best practice to not separate the two.
  6. Phil Deakins wrote: What's the point in discussing inworld marketing strategies when LL is hell bent on killing off inworld sales by pushing everyone at their own website mall, where they get a cut of sales - even when their system fails to deliver items! - and never ever pointing anyone to inworld stores? The point for me is that, despite whatever LL is doing, people are still coming into stores to buy things. My experiences are not like Rene's at all. For some, the cumulative reach from a distributed approach to marketing isn't hundreds, it's easily thousands and even that isn't c
  7. I just wanted to throw my 2L here: There are certainly issues with the platform-native search and classifieds system, but even so, people are still promoting their merchandise / events and it's working for them. I would love it if SL always worked like I wanted it too, but when I help plan a marketing strategy with clients; we look at the native sl marketing tools as being somewhat like the weather. It could change. It's just not practical to rely on it always being the same or even favorable. Should you take advantage of classified and optimize search? Yes, absolutely, but it's defeatist to
  8. /me waves at Angie and leaves this: @Jura_Shepherd
  9. And Torely, if you could PLEASE poke whomever needs to be poked to add the flycam indicator back into the viewer? Yes! Please! lol, I thought I was the only one
  10. Hey by the way, 3Dconnexion offers SL residents a 10% discount on their SpaceNavigator 3D mouse. I don't want to get in trouble with LL by posting the details here, but you can grab a notecard with the info from my parcel here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Shiki/39/59/21
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