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  1. Some lovely spots popping up along the SSP coastline. This little picnic area is in SSPE1116. There's also a new rez spot in SSPE1110. 😀
  2. It's: Linden Homes Stilt Homes Self Centering Bounding Box V2.3. 🙂
  3. Hold onto your alts GoHers. Derrick Linden currently pulling new regions up. 😄
  4. Looks like they're about to connect to the mysterious new region. 😲
  5. It's happening right now. 😀 There's currently a new bridge link with log houses, OW, OP & OL stilts going in.
  6. Best one's I've found are the Coconut Palms at Kawukewa. Tone wise, they blend in really well with the Linden palms. 😀 Kawukewa: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tropical Lagoon/143/126/1500
  7. I make objects like that, phantom. That way, you can have your pretty coffee table, without restricting your movement in tight spaces. 😃
  8. Hi Marianne! 😊 Thank you! The view is probably my favourite part, I was so fortunate to get that spot. The dock with the pool cut-out is actually quite small, if you look at my second image, the dock doesn't even reach halfway along the length of my water space. I made the dock myself, using default prims. As much as I love all the gorgeous mesh docks on offer, I'm prim stingy and was able to build that with a land impact of 4LI, by changing the default prims to convex hull. I used the LH textures that came in our Content Creation Packs and just made materials for it, to make it look posh
  9. Thanks Raspberry!♥ I think I gravitate toward a darker palette because I find it more breathable and calming on the eye. Light and bright colours, tend to make me do that squint you do when the sun is in your eye. 😄
  10. Hi everyone! 😊 As you can see, I'm not usually one for posting on the forums but I'm having such a great time with my new houseboat, that I wanted to share! ♥
  11. The region is now SOLD. Thank you for all enquiries.
  12. Selling a full 15,000 prim region$US 300 + $US 100 (Transfer Fee) Tier due: 27th September (enjoy a few weeks rent free)No pre-requisite to move or renameContact: Ava Maddux
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