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  1. Looking for a manager... dancers and DJ's ... and 'escorts. Not just tips
  2. I need a boat script - but this has a bit of an unusual touch to it. I will gladly explain in world or in an IM. I am a bit in a rush for this and help would be realy appreciated and paid for. Either message me here or inworld : Azrazael Dhara
  3. Slave Island is starting slave / sub auctions and is looking for a Manager and slaves and subs. Please contact Azrazael Dhara for more info
  4. You need to be open minded and have a kinky side... contact me here or in-world Azrazael Dhara
  5. OK cool thanks Now I can plan how to set it up Makes planning easier. I don't intend to have the surf area across the sim border but I know that is usually not the smoothest ride. Thank you so much!
  6. HI, I know this may be a bit noobish but I haven't built across sim borders since 2004. (and yes I know you need to have a full sim to have a homestead). I have a surf/beach sim and am planning to expand to a second homestead because the waves need more space. Having two homesteads will give me a total of 10k prims. The question is, do these count together as 10k across both sims or are hey separate as 5k per sim? If it is 10k total I have a bit more flexibility than if they are isolated to their own sims. Thanks :)
  7. OK I may be missing something but I can do whatever I want on both SL viewer and the firestorm beta but I am not getting any clouds. Anyone have a tip I would be very grateful. Otherwise a great addition that makes customizing our places, maybe not easier, but incredibly more flexible. Thanks LL.
  8. We are about to open our sim officially and would like some creators to have stores/vendors there. Please only surf and beach related items. You can contact me InWorld - Azrazael Dhara http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lost Valley/190/121/24 Thank you
  9. I just tested on my laptop with the same result
  10. Beautiful Parcel in Solang with protected water for sale. 13696 sqm - 3134 objects Solang (33,104) Price L$ 14999 OBO Please contact Azrazael Dhara or Jordan416
  11. Specialized in House, Nu Disco, Tribal, Progressive , Trance, Electro & Minimal Live Mix - I am not a SAM DJ! Traktor Scratch Pro 2, NI Kontrol S4, Mixed in Key, M-Audio Keystation 64, M-audio BX5a, dedicated Sony S series laptop Stream is Icecast and only take requests if they fit the set! http://www.mixcloud.com/robert-weinhold/january-snow-mix-genre-mix/
  12. not sure I fit the budding DJ profile but contact me and lemme know what kind of music you are looking for AZ
  13. Full Sim for sale for 400 bucks Needs to be moved Please IM azrazael dhara or email rweinhold62@hotmail.com tier due on the 16th
  14. SIM can be taken over anytime... must be moved though
  15. Selling a full Sim ... tier due on the 16th Best offer IM Azrazael Dhara
  16. I am looking for a full sim transfer. Olease IM inworld Azrazael Dhara
  17. If you want to sell a full sim or affordable HS please contact Azrazael Dhara or Rozzilee Cassidy. Please... if you are charging as much as LL don't even bother :)
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