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  1. Dilbert Dilweg wrote: An Award Badge of some sort.. That can be attached to their current badge... eh who knows.... Someone has to say it... Badges? We don't need no steenkin badges!
  2. You're assuming I want it to be one way or the other, and all I want it to be is the same for snapshots and machinima.
  3. You really should go and read the policy yourself. Yes.. there is some degree of 'blanket' permission for Linden owned land, but you will still need permissions from any land owners whose builds can be seen. I have to applaud Linden Labs for stating clearly that we own the rights to anything we film using the tool (Viewer and Servers). They have also given us permission to use any of their copyrighted materials (the library avatars, objects, etc.) and permission to film anything on Gov. Linden owned land. I just happen to think they should have stopped there, and left us to work things out w
  4. I invite you to view the policy here at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Snapshot_and_machinima_policy and decide for yourself how far reaching the policy is. It sounds from your comment like you feel that the policy is overreaching, and personally I agree. There is the legal issue of what a court would do based on real law, and there is a different issue here involving a private contract between you and Linden Labs (their TOS). Personally, I don't think it's at all clear that the courts consider your avatar to be the same as your physical person. I highly doubt that laws
  5. The problem with your example is that it is equally possible for someone to come along and merely take snapshots of your sim, publish them on the web or elsewhere, and still claim the credit. LL could have also chosen to state that if you take a snapshot of something or film it, you must credit the builder. They didn't do that, so what they have done is given anyone permission to take snapshots of anyones build and publish it on the web without giving credit - unless you take some action. Exactly the kind of negative option permission that Redzone isn't going to be able to get away with. So
  6. I think that would work for me. As long as there is no way to get there without acknowledging you've read and agree to something.. like most click throughs. Maybe LL should have an optional 'parcel TOS' click through that can be used for that kind of thing. It is their TOS that require us to obtain these permissions, so having a prescribed means of doing so would be helpful. They can keep track of what the parcel TOS said on a particular day, and whether a given avatar agreed to them or not. That kind of mechanism would have wide applicability beyond just permissions for filming.
  7. It's always bothered me that Linden Labs lumps Snapshots and Machinima together when they refer to their TOS when in fact the policies for snapshots are substantially different from the policies for machinima. I have seen blog posts and press releases however that imply that the more permissive snapshot rules apply to machinima as well. Wording to the effect of 'our snapshot and machinima policy allows people to do X' when in fact it only allows certain things for snapshots while forbidding them for machinima. Specifically, Linden Labs has granted permission for anyone to take snapshots on you
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