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  1. You do realize that name is making fun of that massive idiot....
  2. Hey Christo! Welcome back! I think we might have bumped into each other once or twice back in the day! (Don't worry I don't remember much other then your name sounding really familar!)
  3. Yeah, it was some odd glitch, Dyna Mole was able to fix it for me eventually. Not sure what caused it.
  4. I hope they keep it so there are no ban lines. It's one of the things I love about Bellisseria!
  5. yeah, Placing them really isn't a problem, they just weren't working. A wonderful Mole came by and we tried everything we could. Oh well, Halloween is over anyways!
  6. I have been having an issue where I am trying to rez the Halloween String lights. But they don't Snap to the house and I get an Error message when I click on them: String Lights v1.0~LH - Traditional - Winchester: Unable to find LH - Traditional - Winchester in range. I have tried multiple times to re-rez them, I've re-rezzed the house. Checked to make sure it will allow scripts. I don't mind moving them into place, but I would like to get them working... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Everett/174/63/27 Beckka
  7. I think it's all a matter of finding likeminded people. the die-hard people should stick to die-hard clans. light hearted players to light hearted groups. This applies to all games. when SWTOR starts up this winter, I will be playing with friends who I know i will have fun with. We are open for people joining us, but they have to understand we don't take things super serious. as for the person who broke up with their girlfriend, sounds like you two had communication & trust issues. Frankly, I would have said "I am doing this fund raiser and you don't really get a say." You need to have
  8. I am having this same problem. I have tried everything listed above, sometimes it works for a minute or two, but then it goes back. Could this have something to do with the massive amounts of server restarts they seem to be doing? (or are those a normal amount?)
  9. I have been having this same problem, tried all sorts of stuff, new browsers, old ones, beta, uninstalling & reinstalling, clearing caches, rebaking, character tests...
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