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  1. Actually this link is working :- http://jedi434.ipage.com/personal/sysinfowin7on64bit.jpg something wrong with bitly...?
  2. Hi thanks for replying, here is the link to the system spec's :- http://bit.ly/q5Ujlk Actually the phoenix viewer is working on the problem desktop but it would be nice to have SL v3 viewer working as well? Will reply back with further updates.
  3. Thanks for the quick post, I tried everything but still same result after installing a fresh copy. The progress bar is stuck on load up screen? -deleted appdata SL folder in roaming & local folder -deleted only SL files in windows / prefetch folder but not anything else since there are other half life video games files there too??? -uninstalled & downloaded new SL viewer -rebooted Any help appreciated.
  4. I have installed the SL viewer on 2 computers. Laptop SL viewer is working fine. Than I installed it on my newly upgraded with AMD video card, & installed version 3 of SL. SL viewer worked for 1 day & than the next day I started it again, I am stuck on the loading screen where the progress bar comes up & it shows the world scene area/zone loading up status, & it doesn't do anything. IT is totally stuck: -tried to runas admin -uninstalled / re-installed -downloaded newer SL v3 viewer & installed -upgraded my video card drivers -checked for any other driver fixes -rebooted several times. Same result, any help appreciated?
  5. I know this is a sprite render several hundreds models engine but I would like to find out very minimum spec's for a laptop computer that will be at par with video games like counter strike on steam (ha ha) so the speed can be similiar when using both ? I know thats not possible but if I increase the video card + ram to latest notebook will SL improve better? Or what are the basic tweaks I can change in perferances to make it faster ? Thanks.
  6. I joined SL recently & ld like to enter certain rooms or clubs or anything else but the knowledgebase msg pops up every time? I don't want to use payment as alternative to bump up my maturity if I am not mistaken. If there is a way to increase normally I would like to find out, thanks.
  7. Alright its not working tried to select a folder from inventory & dropped it on the avatar but no effect. Is there a way to delete my avatar & start from beginning?
  8. Hello I tried all the possibilities as Marianne asked : character test - I don't know how to do this one? Skin tab - un selected - okay Advanced mode - CTRL + ALT + R - to reload avatar updated graphics card driver for my pc. Still the problem persists? Now I have created a 2nd avatar on using a different registeration & he works fine. But the original is still not showing full body or avatar, I tried putting on a 2nd outfit & only then do I get to see the full avatar fully clothed !!! If anyone can go through the character test or the steps that Marianne asked to see where the problem is would greatly appreciate it? FYI - don't think its hardware or computer related, don't think its software related, but definitly think its a animation issue which is to do with SL viewer & morphing the charactor, since the 2nd avatar is working fine? Any help appreciated.
  9. My avatar is not updating / showing / displaying full avatar? Only the head shows bits in pieces of body parts. I tried to put a new clothing tried several different ones, still same issue. Any help appreciated?
  10. Hey its not working, the avatar is messed totally, I have taken off current outfits & put new ones & still same issue? Is there any one with similiar problem??? Why this happen to me ? Any help? Please ?
  11. I downloaded the version 3 & still getting same issue? I don't have on upper left corner avatar choice in advanced mode? If anyone can guide me how to change the sprites or avatar so it can be displayed in full will greatly appreciate it? Thanks.
  12. How or where do I do that from please?
  13. My avatar is not updating / showing / displaying full avatar? Only the head shows bits in pieces of body parts. I tried to put a new clothing tried several different ones, still same issue. Any help appreciated?
  14. Thanks for all your posts, really for asking such question "how to meet" really I am trying to meet someone from opposite sex without spending money by going to night clubs, registering on online dating & sitting on facebooks browsing through fake profiles or profiles one does not get replies back.
  15. I can see the huge lag in second life, is there a way to improve it ? How to view someone from your city lets say Toronto - there should be a virtul world for Toronto only? Any help appreciated?
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