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  1. Not so sure what the "challenge" is, but here is mine... 😊
  2. at the Angel Manor Estate/ The Rose Theatre.. Destination Guide: https://secondlife.com/destination/the-rose-theatre-angel-manor-estate SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Angel%20Manor/8/185/22
  3. 16 wrote: Marcusgay Lefevre wrote: what a joke Seriously... if someone gives you 10$ or 10€ as Valentines gift wouldn`t you think that person is not very interested in showing you, how much they appreciate you? Heh, come on..., least a teddy or some flowers would have done it.... but 10L$ thats less than...wait..., thats less than nothing *facedesks about unromantic Lindens* give yours to me. i'll have it. and i make sure it goes on a good cause. like me q; (: ps is same like chocolates. i can eat 2 boxes as easy as 1 (: i haven`t gotten anything, which was reason to open this thread, as i was locked out of this, since i, and many others too, were affected by a DNS issue exactly while this promotion was running.
  4. what a joke Seriously... if someone gives you 10$ or 10€ as Valentines gift wouldn`t you think that person is not very interested in showing you, how much they appreciate you? Heh, come on..., least a teddy or some flowers would have done it.... but 10L$ thats less than...wait..., thats less than nothing *facedesks about unromantic Lindens*
  5. maybe see, whether this article helps you: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Login-failure/ta-p/700109 It would help a lot to know the error message you get, when trying to log in. If all fails you may want to contact Linden Lab support here: https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/
  6. how is the exact error message you get when trying to login? If it is "Unable to connect to Simulator", try to login at another location... you´d just have to type the region- (sim) name into the start position..., i.e. Radio.
  7. i don´t think I´d like to be celebrity in SL, really not... just saying... the one and other may feel with me...
  8. dunno, sorry, it only gets sent tomorrow midnight... another reason why i don´t understand why the login time was set that short of 12 hours only...
  9. messing up time zones... when i refer to "yesterday" above, its still same day in pacific time, 13th Feb.. . while i`m on 14th Feb yet. Shame on me.
  10. its about this, i just read: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Featured-News/A-Valentine-s-Gift-for-You-from-Linden-Lab/ba-p/1887539 i may "over-reacting" since i usually don´t care about free sent gifts..., but i don´t think this is fair to European residents. Yesterday, 13th February, many residents, especially from Europe had issues to login due to DNS issue. http://status.secondlifegrid.net/2013/02/13/post1887/ The issue only was resolved by 7pm SLT. So, those residents who were not able to login while their evening and went to bed, were expected to get up in middle of night according their day time (for me it would have been 04am), to hope the issue is really resolved and to login the last remaining half hour to be eligible to receive the announced gift. A nice promotion for american located residents, not fair to European located residents who experienced this issues yesterday. To announce this promotion one or two days earlier would have made sense, i think... *goes back to his usual work, only 06am here -.-*
  11. Linden Lab does today so called "rolling restarts" for maintenance and server updates. They usually do this tuesday for main channel server and wednesday for rc channel server. Its most likely that you tried to login at a region which just were down for this supposes. You can read here about and see the schedules there http://status.secondlifegrid.net Before logging you can change the start location to another region. My home region was restarted today yet, its called Eternal Enslavement, you can try there or any other, you just have to type a name into the field for the start location.
  12. yes, they are...my alt rented one of those and just lost his region as sold/transfered to a new person who has no interest in keeping a rental far below of break even point..., normal. AR`ed and stuff... Full documented on SLU forum here: http://www.sluniverse.com/php/vb/virtual-business/8523-new-sl-sims-past-week-67.html#post1591019
  13. Lizard..., I´ve no idea what you´re talking about, but thats not really surprising if i read back other posts of you. Anyway... I´m sure I´ve apologized a trillion times for my own mistakes, for mistakes my team caused, for non-existing mistakes and even if the mistake was caused by someone else than RGF, just to make sure the customer is happy afterwards. Maybe you want to do a volunteer week at RGF Estates to see how team work, individualty and customer relationship is defined? I`m sure you don`t want that..., cause 1st thing i`d say is: "I`m sorry, but bullishness is an attitude we cannot accept." P.S.: If i failed in single cases to say sorry in the right moment, so i do apologize..., but maybe i just didn`t realize there actually was a mistake, just like you? K, thx, bye.
  14. Lizard Howl wrote: If they made a mistake and cleared your land 12 hours early, the only thing they could do is let you get your land back, which they offered to do. This sounds to me like a whole bunch of fuss about nothing. i `d think an established estate owner/-manager like in this "whole bunch of fuss" and others...*me doesn`t point to anyone*...have more sense for communication with their customers. But this makes me understanding why so many people i talk to, are just happy to have some minutes of a nice and clearing chat.
  15. while talking about this, I`ve had this thoughts in last weeks too..., but i`ve my rl name as page name and few rl photos posted there too (yes, i actually don´t mind to mix SL and RL)..., only use my SL name as shown display name, as FB offers this option. But is use my FB to 90% for my avatar...and other stuff -.- I might be wrong, but i got in mind that this actually may be a valid way Facebook accepts about avatar profiles? And for the other pure SL avatar profiles: If no one reports, no one judges. But as in SL as well, there always people who have too much time and just seek for things to cause trouble to people who have not done anything really wrong in fact. Ah yes..., in RL it has this people too..., almost forgot >.>
  16. Perrie Juran wrote: With every one of her posts, SL continues to degrade and people leaving in droves. At this rate of degradation pretty soon we will all be using bones to communicate. can i vote for this answer? I´m missing something like a Like button here :matte-motes-wink-tongue:
  17. i didn´t have any..., not even a little, SL regarding issue in last week at all, nor can i say we`d experience an increase of support requests at our estate office, which usually is an indicator, if something went bad on SL... Even my teleports work fine so far, although i used to crash before then and when... but just today i wondered how smoothy all runs... i`m the only one? maybe i`m special at all :matte-motes-big-grin-squint: joke...just saying my experience... no trouble running SL... and me is online 14-16 hours/day and teleports a lot every day. And of course, if there were network issues this morning as Oskar says, it may have effected the one or other residents, maybe not all then though... hope it got fixed meanwhile for Calisii.
  18. if you look here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Stx-Central-Tier-System-Web-enabled/1443125 the system provides a payment terminal... I just cannot say much more about..., only tested it few days, but stick w/ my Hippo rental boxes for other reason.
  19. TransPleasure wrote: [2012/07/05 08:45] "Owner": cause you didn t payed the rent, ignoring the remindings, also, the land was completely empty so i had to reasons to wait of the reopening of the land wow..., thats pretty unprofessional. I surely do reclaim empty land as well, if the rental box shows 1 or 2 days rental in arrears, but if you´d get back to me ( i only can talk about me personally ) and ask why etc... it would be low effort to see there happened a mistake, to re-credit you missing time and to give you the land back. They`d have kept a renter then, instead loosing you, I´d assume... and here it are only some hours we are talking about... i don´t see what brings them more lost, loosing you as a regularily paying resident or having a parcel for sale again, not bringing in any L$ for unknown time. I`m sorry what happened you there, i truly am, that could have been handled better... but...for the reputation of all the other estates out there, there are many, smaller as bigger estate owner and their manager, who do an awesome job and really care for their residents, if needed... I think i saw in your other post before, that you found new land already. You have my best wishes to be better supported now.
  20. to re-activate a disabled account you need to submit a ticket at support portal, you can read and find link here.
  21. Hello Juliana, I`ll pass my staff your name and a link to this thread, they will contact you on behalf of RGF Estates and surely will take time to find a good parcel for you, meeting your preferences. You also can contact our support staff at http://rgfestates.net via Live Chat or Ticket submission, but i will ask them to contact you via IM inworld.
  22. If someone is IP banned or hardware banned, would they still be able to log into this forum then? I pretty much doubt that as I´d assume the forum would get spamed by many of the banned griefers then? I may be wrong though, in that case ignore me, was just a thought
  23. a large estate company usually should hold transaction logs within their rental system, i.e. Hippo... I know Hippo has a few little bugs about counting time, especially at days when rolling restarts were going on..., but even then, a serious estate owner or their manager would have re-credited the questioned time. Its not only a question of honor, but also a simple business attitude to help the customer and not to argue with them about boxes functionality and time zones. In almost 4 years I`m managing an estate now, we did have this "time bugs" again and again, and i think we always will have them... but every of this cases was always reviewable in our transaction histories, proofable and in sense of the customers resolved. If this certain agent has no access to the companies transactions maybe, she/he could have forwarded the issue to a superior? Anyways... a week in Second Life has 6 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds as well as in RL. I know many of our customers do copy their transactions for every tier payment and some even do snapshots from the rental box, or their payment. It always helps to provide proofs like this.
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