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  1. Does anyone happen to know what version of Maya we are supposed to be able to use with the maya set ups LL provided? I'm using 2012 and when I try to open the scene its just empty? I can open the fbx, but, there are some issues there too- for example the only thing listed in the Outliner is the body mesh.. the c bones are there in the scene, and it appears that I can rig to it, but I'm not seeing the normal skeleton at all. I also can't weight paint even tho both the skeleton bones and the cbones are visable in the weight paint tool. Any ideas?
  2. It's so nice to SEE that you've actually been trying to immerse yourself in SL Rod, so many have just said it, thank you for actually SHOWING us that you did. Your day looks very typical to most SL newbies, except we didn't all have islands to play with! So here is the newb experience you're still missing.. money. YOUR money. Take money from your own family, (not free Lindens from the company) and sink it into your experience. Buy clothing, hair, AO, houses, furniture, trees, and decor.. and build ANYTHING you want to call your own. See how -that- affects you. See how it ties you to SL and to
  3. SoonSoon, Mr Humble! My Sims still appreciate your wonderful computer gift, they use it all the time, well.. some of the poorer households just sell it immediately to gain the simeoleans- its saved them numerous times! I'm sure you understand That said, please save SL. Here is a hint.. if you want to win the crowd- first fix the irratating 2.0 viewers UI, it has everyone in an uproar from newbies, to oldbie content creators. Show them that you, unlike the rest, are listening, and mean business. Then, continue from there. Welcome, and good luck! Surrealia
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