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  1. Cheers, looks like i have to look at slink again.
  2. I see what you're saying about sizing Amethyst but couldn't they be textured to look sheer rahther actually be sheer? My Axiom system stockings have a great sheer black texture. Anyway thanks, will lok at the stores you suggested..
  3. I've searched for "mesh stocking" so far only found either footless or in solid colours if they have feet. I love my black nylons with seam and heel but can't wear with shoes that have feet already as it's impossible to colour match. Does anybody know of a store that sells them or if not give me some idea why it's not possible to make them when it is possible to make thigh high mesh boots? I've offered to pay to have some made over on the commerce forum but no takers so far. Thanks :)
  4. Hi, I have searched and searched and tried to make my own from mesh kits (with endless frustration!). I have some designs and fabrics I want applied to a basic sleevless pencil dress I also want black, sheer, nylon stockings with seams and heel reinforcement that are mesh and have an alpha to match the dress length. The stockings will need to include feet and be compatible with shoes that are made for slink, unless you can also make compatible shoes for me to purchase. The dress I have tried to texture is from a kit and I am not happy with how the shoulder section sits above my av creating a noticeable gap between skin and dress so if you can address that too I'll be even more impressed. Let me know what you would charge for each dress textured and a pair of sheer stockings as described above. Zavi
  5. I'm not sure where to put this so suggestions welcome (except where the sun don't shine!). Anyway, I have made an online radio station playing the stuff I like for my own land. I have 100 listeners capacity but will never have that many at my little place. If somebody wants to collaborate a bit, add compatible songs to the auto dj and play the stream on their land maybe we can chat about it. It's alt and indie music with an Aussie flavour. Check out Splinter Culture Radio at http://splinterculture.com. And Indie As F*ck at Atlantis City 2 I also DJ live events from time to time using same stream but no crazy club promotion stuff, just dedications and requests for friends. Zavi
  6. Are you having a wide variety of styles? I am interested in doing an Australian flavoured Alt/Indie show. Can provide podcasts to check out. Sent an IM in world too.
  7. Could be this one https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DeLa-Mesh-Hair-Scarlett-Demo/4843193
  8. Since you asked about whether it could be done, not for legal advice, the answer is yes but it is tricky. Get on youtube and look for videos about using a Virtual Audio Cable. It is free to download and demo but you'll have to spend about $40 to buy a version that is not watermarked. You might find something free that does the same job. I tried it and it works but I do NOT use it to restream music. I was just curious about IF it was possible so my friends could pick songs and we could all listen in sync through SL instead of using web and SL together, in the end it was too much hassle. I use a licensed copy of SAMBC Pro but there are free dj software that VAC will work with too. You can get a cut down version of SAM for free if you buy a cheapest stream for about 6 bucks a month. So, yeah it can be done (it may be against the terms of service of the site you are streaming from, eg Spotify but you are an adult, you can read them and make up your own mind).
  9. In case you are still looking or want to consider adding a Southern UK/Australian accent. I am looking for voice over and DJ work. Contact me in world with a notecard. Or check out the beginning of this podcast (not playing sexy here, just my accent) http://djzavi.podomatic.com/entry/2008-07-12T01_39_43-07_00
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