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  1. It's never too early to start planning to join us for Sinful Saturday with DJ Zodiac at Mist's Place. So make those plans, get those babysitters for the kiddos and Dare to Come Bare while we play Strip The Sexy DJ from 6-8pm slt!!! Audience participation is encouraged!!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Svanberg/18/125/2501
  2. It's Saturday!! And you know that that means.....DJ Zodiac playing his awesome tunes for Sinful Saturday tonight at Mist's Place from 6-8 pm slt!! You do not want to miss this. Want to "Strip The DJ"? The come and let's see what it takes to get those clothes off this sexy DJ. Don't forget to gather your family, friends, enemies, whomever you can bring with you for Sinful Saturday and Strip the DJ Tonight!!! Audience participation is encouraged! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Svanberg/18/125/2501 /18/125/25
  3. jeremy123

    DJ looking for a new gig

  4. jeremy123

    DJ looking for a new gig

  5. jeremy123

    DJ looking for a new gig

  6. jeremy123

    DJ looking for a new gig

    I have managed, co-owned, dj'd, hosted, danced, you name it I have done it. I am versatile in musical stylings, however I will not and can not play country in any way shape or form. Same goes for endless hardcore rap. I can do a set or 2 of it but not as a stagnant genre with no flexibility. I have my own stream and I have had a great deal of success in genres like EBM/EDM/Mashups/Metal/Industrial and more.. As of now my schedule IRL limits me to doing 8PM-10PM only during the week (weekends I have more flexibility). I can't change this because of the type and nature of my work. If you would like samples of my work in advance of contacting me by all means check out my mixcloud page which I try and upload nearly every set if I feel it falls into being worthy. I thank you for taking the time to read all this schpiel and I look forward to doing business with you. jeremy123 resident Z https://www.mixcloud.com/The_DJ_ZoDiAc/
  7. jeremy123

    Creators needed

    Looking for a Chinese dragon avatar either already available or if anyone knows builders/creators that can tackle such a project, Size and detail being of most importance, and the L$ can be discussed upon contact https://gyazo.com/d9685ca41219b55eacd14a3b9f86e9ca https://gyazo.com/7a92df419747c2f81d4d2e758697c2d0 https://gyazo.com/d9685ca41219b55eacd14a3b9f86e9ca Examples of what is being looked for.
  8. Thank you all for your help, this should make someone VERY happy
  9. Does anyone know of any store inworld, or a creator that they know of that can or does make what would be considered a "Chinese" dragon avatar? There's one on mp but honestly its junk. Looking for quality. Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you J
  10. jeremy123

    Suggestions needed please!

    I am in need of body and head skin matches for Beleeza body Isis, and Lelutka head Spencer. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you in advance
  11. jeremy123

    Mesh heads for men

    The look was very fluid from what I have seen. Lelutka is def on my demo list to try
  12. jeremy123

    Mesh heads for men

    I like the look of that one. How much did it run, L$ wise?
  13. jeremy123

    Mesh heads for men

    Looking for suggestions for Bento mesh heads for men. I have had 2 Catwa heads and all in all I was happy with them. Anyone have suggestions on heads to try out that are as functional and aesthetically pleasing?
  14. jeremy123

    Experienced DJ looking for a gig

    Thank you so very much