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  1. Perhaps ask why new usernames were rolled out before anybody checked the new residents could actually log into the website, their accounts & JIRA and why it's been a month with no fix and thousands of new residents with read only SL website access. Then perhaps why 3 years later Windlight hasn't been finished and age verification has been in beta for 2 years neither have had any progress at all. Then perhaps how about some controls on the texture database with some default textures or even prims for things like floors & walls that are stored on our harddrives to save the servers having to look through 5000 identical brick wall textures to find the right one. That would speed SL up a bit for users, builders could use the default textures/prims for 80% of a build then their custom ones for the rest. Please tell us what is coming and have thought into how to implement new features, plenty of people wanted Display Names but not the way it has been implemented.
  2. Dec 15, 2010 3:52 AM Vivienne Schell says in response to Psistorm Ikura: Are you real? Do you think people join Second Life for learning something monsterous like BLENDER? Or for spending REAL money on some really adequate 3D modelling suites???? Yeah, sure, some will, but then they will be mainly among themselves, just like in the good old Active Worlds days. Btw, Active Worlds is still out there - somehow. But SL isn't Active worlds, people who think a time locked world with barely colour graphics from last century is so good should probably go there and try and sell their stuff instead SL is an evolving world.
  3. Yep, there truely are hordes of people I guess who would turn off usernames then manually type in a name into an AR, but they are also the people who mispell the persons name they are ARing or turn off nametags completely then AR people by hovertext names too..................
  4. LL is obviously going to tag underage accounts somehow. I wonder if there should be a LSL function to detect this so vendors would not sell adult content to unverified adults. They also need to convert all the PG sims on the mainland to Moderate too and just leave the existing teen grid and selected private islands PG rated. As far as I can se they need to verify adult accounts somehow, when is adult verification coming out of beta, it's only been a couple of years now I think
  5. Heck even if they deleted them after 2 years of inactivity wouldn't be so bad.
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